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Greetings all.

I am forming a Romulan task force. All members MUST be Romulan characters (NO Remans for now). There are a great many details that make the experience more 'authentic', that can be discussed.

If you are interested, let me know. Message me, Commander S'Telon:


The concept is, Romulas has been destroyed, the Federation must surely be to blame, but our government is almost cooperative with those Federationals. True loyal Romulans found an opportunity in the Klingon alliance. Our own task force becomes our own fleet. Maybe some day, we will be able to return to Romulas as a true Romulan fleet, and in that hope we forge on with our new allies in the KDF.

Meanwhile, we get to exact our revenge on the Federation AND have some sport engaging and eliminating the weaker Klingons in house battles as well. We use the Romulan titles provided in the game, such as Lieutenant and Commander and General.

Role-playing is encouraged. Stupid behavior not acceptable.

For example:

Commander S'Telon. Wears largely traditional Romulan garb, hair style, armament, and the green blood flows through his veins giving him that olive-tint. His flagship is an upgraded D7 (an actual model used by Romulans) complete with an array of Disruptors and Plasma Torpedoes. A complete bio about his having been loaned to the Klingons prior to the destruction of Romulas is established.

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