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I am not entirely sure who reads these, but I have noticed some elements of Klingon play that may need tweaking.

First...upgrading ship components.

In Federation play, better and different types of weapons, shields and engines can sometimes be found by blowing up PvE ships. Often, these items are rewarded to the Fed player for completing a mission.

Not so for the Klingons. I have spent a great deal of time in the T'Ong Nebula and Khaless Expanse and have yet to find any weapons, shields or engines left behind by any exploding ships. I have gotten things like, combat rations, communications arrays, medical supplies...useless to a Klingon. By the same token, I have not received any equipment rewards for completing any missions (though we do get alot of points).

All this translates into is that Klingon Ships are kinda stuck with the Vanilla equipment package until A) the player earns enough EC's to buy better weapons OR B) earns enough Badges of Exploration in whatever degree to buy them that way. By using EC's, MkII at Tier 1 are available, MkIV at tier 2 are available...and so forth, but all weapons are disruptor based. To get the Plasma, Tetryon, etc... weapons, you have to go farming in the T'Ong Nebula. It IS the only way to get them.

As for shields and engines, you can buy the vanilla version, but from what I have seen, just like the weapons, the only way to get the better or specialized versions is to go farming the Nebula.

To upgrade the engines, weapons, and shields or my K'Tanco Cruiser, I had to run the Nebula Mission 13 times, almost exactly half of the time it will take me to get promoted to Commander. Having looked ahead, to do the same thing at the next tier, I will have to do the same thing all over again.

Tedious, monotonous...please take a look at this. There has to be an easier way. The feds have there own troubles here to be sure, but man...I really don't want to have to do all of that again, both for this character or the other.
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# 2
04-05-2010, 04:33 AM
Nebula missions and PvP is all there is so far mate.
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Klingons must seriously be still under development; there really isnt much to do as a Klingon; is very repetative and bit dull and your right about not having the federation advantages; no crafting of ship or personal upgrades like at memory alpha; no drops worth much at any rate that makes them usable; heck I have so many sheild and battery drops that they are probably my greatest source of income; cant really use them very much due to their timers.

I like to play my Klingon to blow up a few things if I can get into a player battle; seem to wait in the que forever; not sure how to read the lists; go to a house battle and there are like a bazillion ques to click on and I cant figure out how to pick and active one; is just random to me; fight and maybe get something at the end of the battle; but klingons dont get stuff off ships you kill like Federation players. Not like my guy sucks or anything; just have much much much better gear on the federation player as I can make stuff and get a heck of a lot more gear from drops and vendors.

Playing a Klingon is a lot like an arcade game; you just shoot stuff and occasionally get a buff; but not much gear that I have seen under Captian level anyway. the most drop i get; hehe; new bridge officers; yes they are useless; but that is what I get over and over. unlike the federation side; I have never ever even used my bridge crew; so I dont have to give them any gear; which is good; because well, getting gear is difficult on the Klingon side.
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04-05-2010, 06:59 AM
I get my purple items from PvP and now expanse missions. They are about the same selection though just using two different methods of getting them.

Of course purple items are limited to BG level so if you are talking T1 up to BG then I would agree that not much drops from missions.

Things may have changed for the better since I leveled, but I bought or turned in PvP rewards for gear from T1 to BG. I don't feel like leveling another KDF atm to find out the current state of drops. I also dont feel like "buying" another character slot (IMHO 3 characters is too few). Leveling a Fed atm to see their content and just doing KDF dailies for a full purple set for each ship.

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