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# 1 A few ideas...
04-07-2010, 06:31 PM
I have given the state of the Klingon Empire some thought and I have a few ideas on how gameplay can be made more Klingon for us.

1. Houses and House battles. An idea came to mind from another game that will launch its guild levelling system in a near future. How about having quests etc affect guild level, and by allowing certain things rewarded to guild with the points made from the different quests. It could be special costumes or it could be markings to put on clothing or something that will destinquish your house/fleet from another.

Also inclding in this would be an idea of fleet and inter-fleet competition, have fleet matches where its going to be fleet vs fleet and the winner gets something good for the team. This would be fleet as in guild fleet and not the fleet actions where you just gather a random group. It would be from your own fleet youd get the people.

This could be for ground combat or for space combat or joining both space and ground as a point system.

2. More honor. Honor is the lifeblood of the Klingon warrior, a few more ways of earning honor than grinding space missions or pvp would be nice. For example there could be missions that are stricly rewarded for honor.

Example: A planet that can be visted by Federation and Klingon and the balance of power would be determined by the one that will show not only prowess in battle but also can puzzle out a few quests given by some sort of npc leader for that planet. The winner would have access to the planet and its rewards (be it a raid ala Wintergrasp WoW) or it could be a place to get more quests that will bring more honor. The thing is that it would not get you officer points but it will strickly base its rewards on how you act and how your prowess is in combat, making you not only have to be strong but smart.

3. Leaderboard. A nice all in all PvP based leaderboard set each month and resetted on the 1st of the month that will show who has done most pvp and won most matches etc and will reward this person with something real nice. This will be a healthy competition and rewards should be something to make it worthwhile to PvP after BG5 and you have 3000 marks already, something that can not be bought for marks or any such thing.

Let me know what y'all think...worthwhile to continue sprout ideas?

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