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Just finished Infected, again. You can kill the ground boss before he spawns 2 new groups attached to a node. This got fixed, actually.

The new bug I found was in the boss room. When you enter the room, the corner to your right side - we used the three consoles, I uploaded the virus. I finished uploading the virus, but the shield came back up. The progress bar was there nonetheless. I don't know if I happened to finish uploading the virus the very same moment the shield shout came back.
We had to redo the corner after we did other three. Though the progress bar was there (and the shield), we could not attack the generator in the center of the room, it was still protected by its shield.

[Side node: We were all sad when we saw what happened to the surface of the Vorn planet ]

Forgot one "bug".
Accessing the consoles works fine since Season One for all but one console. When you enter the room, the corner to your left side, the middle console. It's hard to enter the code there, looks like you can only access the console when standing directly in front of it. Standing to its sides does not work, but it does work with the rest of the consoles.

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