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# 1 Dressing room lighting..
05-14-2010, 06:25 PM
To: Starfleet Corp of Engineers, Base support and Maintainence division.
From: Lt. Yevette Simone La'Bonn, Captain U.S.S. NoDachi, NCC 210100

Currently the tailoring shops at bases servicing starfleet personell are inadaquet. Starfleet wants it personell looking thier best and without good lighting at these shop its simply not going to happen. Our people deserve better from us.. Each of the dressing rooms apparently has a different level of lighting. On the Klingon home world Qo'nos its fairly bright and you can see how your uniform works with the colors selected as is Sol. the other stations Tailors are not so fortunate, and the captains table tailor must like to work in the dark. Too dark to tell what that vulcan has done. Please have this covered as soon as possible. I'm surprised command hadn't brought this to the support divisions attention before.

On another note, apperently the support echelon at Sol has a joker in the deck. I've seen the same engineering ensign standing on a table every time I go to Sol station for the last several months over in the club. I'd like security or his superior have a little talk with him about his public decorum. And I DO NOT want him transferred to my crew.

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# 2
05-15-2010, 12:00 AM
More lightning for the crew and ship tailors, in general, would be appreciated.

I would also like to have only white light in the character creator, the blue and red accent lights removed when customizing. I almost always need to tweak colours in-game to correct what the red or blue tints in the creator were showing.
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# 3
12-22-2010, 04:47 PM

The lighting near the tailors really are pretty bad. On Earth Space Dock, I actually have to take a jog to the Stateroom, where there are a couple good places that have neutral lighting w/ decent fill and kicker lights, and then jog back. Deep Space 9 must have the worst lighting setup at all (the lighting is pretty awful on DS9 in general).

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