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I do not endorse contacting billing for anything other than support. This thread is to point out that there are people getting the Lifetime Borg by contacting billing. Destra has said that at least one of them was legitimate, yet we know (from their thread) that they did NOT pre-order the lifetime sub. Yet, in those threads, it is shown that both OP's are new LTimers and both OP's now have Borg after "contacting billing".

Cryptic is giving out Borg Captains to NEW Lifetime subscribers.

I am highly confused, and a little miffed. Hence this thread. Please read all relevant info, one of the threads is locked at a few pages, the other is small as well.

This is in relation to these two threads:

Hey All!

I apologize, but naturally I am unable to share the particular details surrounding correspondence with one of our customers. However, on a more high level note, I am able to share the following:

1.) The Liberated Borg Captain is for pre-order Lifetime customers
2. ) Our Support Team only grants items to players when they should have received the item, but did not (generally due to some technical issue)
3.) We care very much about our players. We care about individuals, but we also care about being fair to our player base as a whole.
4.) The OP earned the unlock through legitimate means.

In the event that a player tries to scam us, we will generally place their account on a temporary suspension. As always, if the account has a history of previous disciplinary actions, the penalty is increased accordingly.

(Color/bolding done by myself.)

I know you can't let us know those "legitimate means" but I thought the other folks that play your game would like to know that they too can get the Liberated Borg by just calling billing.

Destra says, that the OP got it legitimately.

Since we are talking about the Borg Captain, here is legitimate:

1) Pre-order a Lifetime sub

Here is what the OP of that thread did:

Simply put if you Buy a lifetime sub you do not get the borg captain anymore.

Yes I understand it was a promotion at the start of the game but since I was between jobs their was no way I could afford to purchase it for $250 when it was offered. However I am now able to buy lifetime for $299, and I get most of the other "Career Officer Perks" however I am not able to get the Player Borg, and this bothers me a bit since I am Paying more for the Subscription then when it was offered with the Borg, on top of that all the Pre-Order Bonuses are still available with purchase of the right copy of the game... oh and the price has been reduced from all the vendors with Special Perks.

My point I am paying more and not getting the perk for Lifetime and Anyone just now getting in the game is paying less and still getting the perks...

I do not feel this is fair.
(Color/Bolding done by myself.)

As you can see, the OP of that thread just bought a LT sub. Did NOT pre-order it. A few posts later, after the OP is told to "contact billing" by another member (not Mod, or Dev, just another old fashioned member):

latest update ...I have Borg. Cryptic Cares after all.
This let's us know that the stipulation to getting the Borg Captain is just having a LT sub. Does it not? Then how about the other thread:

I just purchased the lifetime account, I see no option to create a liberated borg character, how might I accomplish this?

Now this OP doesn't let us know they got the Borg Captain, but the Captain's database does!


Here we have 2 people ADMITTING THEY DID NOT PRE-ORDER the LT sub, yet they contact billing and get the Borg Captain.

Then Destra says that they qualified, well then that means anyone with a LT sub qualifies for a Captain Borg. Because that is ALL the OP's of those two threads did.

So there you have it, just contact billing (if you have a LT sub) and you can get the Borg Captain unlocked. These two did it, as well as several others!

Of course, Mods, if I am incorrect please feel free to point out how those OPs of those threads qualify for the LT Borg Captain.

UPDATE 5/24/10: No word from Mod/Devs yet. Heading out and about today, so when you think "Where is the OP" the answer is "Disneyland". <-Honest!
UPDATE 6/04/10: We had word, I would talk about it here but it is against the ToC. Needless to say, it appears that the Borg is indeed available by this method.
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# 2
05-23-2010, 10:30 PM
Here is the OP of one of those threads, FURTHER ADMITTING they did not PRE ORDER this game:

I guess you didn't read what I wrote, because if you did you would realize I could care less about a Borg Character, It was the principal of still selling all the Pre-Order Bonuses for less money than the pre-orders where and yet charging more money for lifetime and offering less.


I was fine without the "Borg Character" until a guild mate suggested getting a Red Matter Capacitor, and I could still buy them...


...and all these where "Pre-Order" only and they are all still for sale, and they are all cheaper now than in January.

That was My whole point.
Further proof from one of the OP's, they did not Pre-Order their LT sub, yet they still qualify for the Liberated Borg. Why? Who else qualifies? What other items do we qualify for? Anyone?

And the reason I feel it was ok for me to complain about this

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and even though cryptic has nothing to do with it anymore

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I stopped playing around the time Cryptic Left.


How much have you invested in Cryptic? me I'm well over $1000
I see now, if I pay you lots of money I can just ask for any old reward?
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# 3
05-23-2010, 10:43 PM
When told about those threads, another MOD responded with:
Originally Posted by adigregorio
Might want to check this thread out:

OP calls billing, asks for Borg, gets Borg (Captain)

(Or did the qualifications for the Borg Captain change? If so, why the silence? If so, when does the Galaxy X change?)
I am well aware of that situation. My point still stands though.
Since the OP of both referenced threads was just a LT member, one of them a NEW LT member. That shows us that the only stipulation for the Borg Captain is being a LT member.

EDIT (That, without any response from the higher ups, shows us that the only stipulation for the Liberated Borg, is being a LT member.)

I understand why they don't want this to get out, because it will apply to OTHER ITEMS! That's right, if this has "secret provisions" then so do those other items. Once we get an answer in this thread, I am going to call billing up and verify the answer. I am also going to ask what items are available for "grabs", considering people are mentioning they can get the "Red Matter" from billing calls as well.

(Oh, I count locking/deleting/1984ing as an answer btw)

EDIT (Afterthought)
From that MOD quote from earlier:
I am well aware of that situation.
Then why the silence in here? What is going on? Why are people that did NOT pre-order the LT sub qualified to get the Liberated Borg? (IE What is the "secret stipulation" since we were told that you HAD to pre-order the LT sub.)
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# 4
05-24-2010, 12:19 AM
I PM'd Destra for clarification, cause something sounds off their, so we will see what he says
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# 5
05-24-2010, 12:21 AM
Originally Posted by picardalpha2clearance View Post
I PM'd Destra for clarification, cause something sounds off their, so we will see what he says
So did I, while he was online.

Never got a response, waited for an hour (at least). Though they may have not checked their mail...

That was the official word in the Borg thread. You participated in that thread, I don't see what is "off". Destra was pretty clear, as was the OP of both of the threads.

Bear with me please, I may just be having reading difficulties.

EDIT (To add)
I linked all the relevant information for readers, just check the other threads and make your own assessments...
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# 6
05-24-2010, 12:57 AM
I agree with you it seems as if it is contradiction in terms so I asked for clarification from Destra, we will see if I get it?
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# 7
05-24-2010, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by adigregorio View Post
I see now, if I pay you lots of money I can just ask for any old reward?

not to sound like a total d-bag, but from my experience, yeah, that's how things work. In the US, at least... You reward customer loyalty. It's kind of a perk, I suppose.

Look at it like this: You work at a fancy Hugo Boss store in a popular, upper-class mall, say... you have a customer that frequents your shop. You happen to be the only one there that day, and this customer drops some crazy bills. Next time this customer comes in, you know they're going to be good to you, both commission-wise and loyalty-wise. After one or two good experiences, excellent customer service and the like, suddenly this customer becomes _your_ customer. They ask for you on the phone, they ask for you when they come in the store, etc.

Now, what if there are some other people, people that just came in, and are buying socks... you better believe you're gonna let the big spender/'personal client' finish their transaction before you help the sock people.

Maybe that got too obtuse. How about this: You tip the doorman at the club? You get in before everyone else. You know the doorman at the club? You get in before everyone else.

At times it may seem really stupid and unfair, but it seems to be the way things work.

Thanking a loyal customer with a perk here and there really isn't that rare.

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# 8
05-24-2010, 01:21 AM
Originally Posted by d3nalii View Post
not to sound like a total d-bag, but from my experience, yeah...
I think you misunderstand. I was asking a question, trying to find meaning in that thread. That was the only post I could come up with that explained why they would be picked.

Also, if this is the case then I have no issues. I know how business works, believe me! (Oh, and I have money too, so I can get them items!)

I just want to know what the deal is, if that makes sense. Sensationalism aside, I don't care if they are giving out the Borg, or MU uniforms, or whatever. I just want to know what I have to do to get them IF they are handing them out. Since the OP of both of those threads were talking about fairness, I think I should be given the chance to spend the $1k to get those items too. Though maybe less, since some are on dead games...

Please, if this all ends up being bad communication with billing then say so! I understand there are many threads you have to monitor, I am willing to accept that you may have "not read" those threads before making judgment. You, unlike the reward, are NOT Borg. Chalk it up to bad communications, and I can edit all these posts I have made (except the locked ones) and poof! Oh yeah, I will apologize too, if this is what it ends up being. (This is a big Borg mess, from my perspective.)
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# 9
05-24-2010, 03:24 AM
posted in wrong thread, sorry, can't find the delete button either
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# 10
05-24-2010, 03:03 AM
Sorry, but you're using false logic. You're assuming that the only legitimate method to obtain the Borg Captain is to have pre-ordered the LTS whereas Cryptic may have several unpublished legitimate methods.

They might make an exception for an account that was preordered last year, maybe participated in both closed or open betas, kept account active without interruption, and THEN purchased the LTS as soon as they could afford.

This would not mean EVERYONE who asks would get it, but rather case-by-case.

However, unless they want an avalanche of cases, they may still want to clarify what the legitimate terms actually were.

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