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Iíve been playing since Launch and Iím a life time player, who likes the game and plans to keep playing for many years. Iíve been waiting for extra ship slots for a long time I donít like deleting ships Iíve enjoyed playing and customising and in some case spending a lot of game credits on.

So My first Rear Admiral is stuck at the 8 ship limit for that reason above, ran out of slots at Captain level. Now just use him on tribble, for him to be able to have and keep one of each rear admiral ship + the galaxy X Iíve purchased would need 4 purchase alone. Thatís almost $20 and then I may need more for the new ships in the next season... I this character is going to remain stuck until ship slot purchases are across account, on to next character

So I created a new character when the first one got stuck and I played without getting too attached to my ships, and reached rear admiral, I had purposely kept 6 slots free so I could try out one of each ship, with the level cap it seemed like a good idea, reach the top and spend time flying between the different ships, and so I purchased the ship variants and the Galaxy X, to play that I had to delete one of the ships I enjoyed flying a Normal Galaxy ship. So for this Character Iím going to have to spend $ 10 - $ 15 or more in season 2.

Iíve started two new fed Characters A Benzite and a Caitian, and stopped them for now in the starting tier ,waiting until season 2, but at the moment if I want to unlock 11 extra ship slots for each of these character, to try out each ship type with them it would come to $ 60 worth of cryptic points.

My calculations are based on being able to have one slot for each ship type.

I have TOS Enterprise and Galaxy X, havenít tried the runabout, but I believe that it would take a ship slot. So that 3 ships, then the starting ship, 3 more at each tier with 6 at tier 5 so it comes to 19 slots needed minus the 8 your granted.
There will be 1 free slot after playing for 200 days; I guess it will be across account, so that would reduce the number of purchases by 1.
Iím also put off buying bridge officer slots, at the most I would of wanted 2 or 4 extra per character at the most, but under no circumstance would I spend so much on per character,
What if I create a new character, spend $50 worth of cryptic points on giving the character as many slots as I would like, then after first promotion I get tired of him/her and decide to delete them to free up the character sot, would Iíve lost the points, slots and money? Or would the slots remain tied to the character slot?
  1. If they are going to be per character then it should be a lot less expensive, say 50 cryptic points,
  2. If they are going to be that expensive for 400 cryptic points per purchase then they should be across the account.

I really enjoy the game and want to have slots for one of each ship but itís going to be too expensive per character I will need to choose very carefully which character I would spend points on. Intend to keep the character, any character I do spend $50- $60+ I canít afford to delete and then I would at some point be forced to buy more slots.

Then there will be more ships and more factions, providing enough slots for them to keep me happy is going to cost more than the game or even the life time subscription !

Maybe it would be cheaper to buy 4 character slots, and use them with identical characters?

Comments and feedback welcome, this just how I feel and at the moment even though itís what Iíve been waiting for its too expensive for me to consider so for now I wonít be buying these from the c-store,

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