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The tooltip for Attack Pattern Omega is wrong. I have tested this with Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons, reporting in at 1722 damage and 1148 dps. These numbers are from howering over the DHC as it stands on the hotbar.

Attack Pattern Omega 1 promises "+15% All Damage strength for 15 sec" on the skill list for the bridge officer. It also promises 30% as the skill stands on the hotbar. In "reality" it reports in at 1853 damage and 1235 dps which is a 7.6% increase.

Here are the tests for APO 1, 2 and 3 in "table" form.
APO1: 1853 (7.6%) damage, 1235 (7.6%) dps, promised: 15% skill list, 30% hotbar
APO2: 1896 (10.1%) damage, 1264 (10.1%) dps, promised: 20% skill list, 40% hotbar
APO3: 1940 (12.6%) damage, 1293 (12.6%) dps, promised: 25% skill list, 50% hotbar

It's about time the tooltips are updated...

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