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  • Warp in / warp out cutscene audio has been improved.
  • The more cheerful NPCs will no longer twitch when hailed.
  • A rare issue that allowed players to get stuck alone in Challenge PvP maps has been fixed. The workaround of logging out or onto an alt for 7-10 minutes is still valid if any similar issues happen in the future.
  • Hull Strength now shows properly on the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit in the Ship Database.
  • Weapons on low-end video cards should now look as intended.
  • Various stability and performance improvements have been made.
  • A text error has been fixed on the Qo’noS Ship Requisitions contact.

  • The Vor’cha ship has been added to Klingon ship requisitions at Tier 5!
  • The Polaris model of Luna class ships has been improved. The saucer is no longer too high.
  • Fleet emblems have been fixed on Tier 5 Birds of Prey.
  • The windows on the Noble class starship’s saucer section no longer flicker.
  • The registry number on the U.S.S. T’Kumbra is now displaying correctly.
  • The hull integrity of the Deep Space Science Vessel has been increased.
  • The hull integrity of the Negh’var battlecruiser has been increased.
  • Blinking lights have been added to Tier 3 Federation cruisers.
  • The Federation emblem now displays correctly on consoles inside Galaxy class bridges.

  • Skirmish
    • Textures have been improved within the Axon.
    • The medlab console now opens for the whole team if a player interacts with it.
  • The Klingon contact K’men has received a new costume.

Skills / Abilities / Items
  • The Breen Thermal Dampener will no longer cause a repeating animation.
  • Tier 11 space weapons in stores are now all bind on equip.
  • The Subspace Field Modulator stats have been updated.
    • Removed the kinetic and physical resistance
    • It now adds 25% resistance to all damage

  • You can once again sell items in bulk.
  • The way names are displayed in dropdown menus have been improved in the Away Team and Crew Assignments (Ship stations) UI.
  • Photonic Bridge Officers now display correctly in the Away Team chooser and the Team UI.
  • Logging out of the game now properly cancels out of a Private Map launch countdown.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain HTML-like tags to incorrectly appear in mission text.
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# 2 Known Issue Alert!
10-22-2010, 06:38 PM
A small number of users are experiencing difficulties purchasing items from certain end game, multi-tabbed stores (A multi tabbed store might say "Pistol, Rifle, Assault" across the top, or will similarly divide items by category, as opposed to "Buy, Sell, Buy Back").

We are currently aware of this issue and working on a solution.

Thank you for your patience while we sort through this.

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# 3
10-22-2010, 08:28 PM
Workaround for multi-tabbed store:
1. Close the store.
2. Go to any store that has only 1 tab. (i.e. A shady vendor or the Ship Weapons portion of the Emblem Store)
3. Double-click on the cheapest item.
4. IF IT IS A BULK ITEM, move the slider so you're only purchasing 1.
5. Click "Cancel" in the Buy confirmation dialog. (Clicking OK works too, but you should only do that if you actually want the item!)
6. Go back to the multi-tabbed store and buy what you want.

The issue will occur again if you open the Replicator and close it again while it's still on the "Recycle" tab. The workaround may not require you to attempt to buy something, but I'm being super-careful to post a workaround I know works.

Workaround for "Not enough marks / emblems / etc." issue:
Buy 1 Small Shield Charge (And only 1 - Not a stack of 2, 3, 4, or 20).
It can be any bulk item, so if you're not at ESD, you can replicate 1 (and only 1) of a commodity.
Log out and back in. (To be safe, exit the game completely.)

To be super safe, if you buy something in bulk (2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 at a time, it doesn't matter), get one less than you need, then purchase the last one separately.

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