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Hello there. I've put a request for GM for two issues but they've been on there for 2 weeks and looks like the developers might be too busy, so I thought I'd try here (I'lll make another post for the 2nd prob).

I've spent money at the C Store for additional bridge officers to fill my VA Star Cruiser Large Bridge and I think I now have 6/8 extra slots but NONE of the extra crew appear on my bridge! Before anyone points out the obvious (although I appreciate your gesture) I've tried swapping my assigned officers round which has no effect.

I've spent real money to complete my ship but so far the advertisement of 'additional bridge officer' has been not the case. Please can I have my initial report posted 2 weeks ago - or this one replied to with a relevant answer, please. Thansks for your time ands consideration

Kind Regards
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11-03-2010, 01:38 PM
I think you got it wrong- extra slots only means that you can have more officers to chose and mix from. It does not mean that you get mot stations on your ship.
Or if you lack officers to fill your present stations then you get the m from recriuting office at SOL base, exchange or sometimes from mission rewards.
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11-03-2010, 02:49 PM
Are you talking about actually seeing them in the ship interior?

Bigger bridges will display more officers, the C-store ones have more (I think somebody mentioned the Destiny pack will display at least 12 officers. Not sure if Emmissary is bigger or smaller than that). I can get all of my 8 current officers on the largest non C-store bridge set, but my gorn exchange officer doesn't show on anything smaller, and if I go down to the smaller ones my Breen doesn't show up either. Smaller bridges a few others disappear on me, too.

My playing around with officer assignments, it seems that who's assigned to where doesn't effect who appears on the bridge, it seems to go down the list in order of how long you've had them. By dismissing the old tactical officer I got during the tutorial and didn't use anymore, I got my breen to display on smaller bridges, where he didn't before.

I think some stations will always have generic NPCs. There's more NPC slots on bridges than there are bridge officer slots.
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11-04-2010, 03:10 AM
It may also be that if you've promoted more BOFFs, you've promoted the wrong kind.

BOFFs will replace only generic officers of the same kind on bridges. if your bridge has one generic Engineer in addition to your BOFFs, you need to promote an engineering BOFF. If you promote a tactical or science, they won't show up.

Note that most bridges favor certain types of BOFFs (cruiser bridges are always engineer heavy, for example).

Basically, if you have one of the big bridges that can take up to 12 officers, and you have a lot of one type ( like tactical) in your promoted BOFFs, you'll never get the generics to go away unless you discharge some of your current BOFFs and promote new ones.
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11-09-2010, 08:16 AM
Thanks for you help so far with this.

Firstly, my bridge is a large Nomad Bridge for the Star Cruiser and there are many many seats and many consoles available. Alll of my oficers are a high grade so I can swiitch them over for my other ships like science and escort - if I want some more fun . Also, I have two away team set ups that I frequently use.

My current BO crew compliment is 16. My crew on bridge are 11? with no generic BOFF's

Available: 18 seats around outside, 3 in the middle = 21
Taken: 2 seats around outside, 5 in the middle = 7
21 seats free. 7 Seats taken.

Bridge Consoles:
Available: 5 consoles around outside
Taken: 4 consoles around outside
5 consoles free, 4 consoles taken.

Positions taken: (7+4) = 11
Positions Free: (21+5) = 26
Positions in total: (11+26) = 37 so 26 remain free - hence my post

This was the reason I contacted support about a month ago and still have not had a reply via 'request GM help' in game. Any idea's please?

(Anyone feel free to add me in game and I'll show you for yourself if you'd like) Evo@Droc-lionia
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11-10-2010, 09:15 PM
Read what the earlier posters said. Just because you have seats or consoles available does not mean they will be filled. Each bridge has a set number of BOs that it will support (I started a thread in the Academy forum to try to gather information on this). No more than what they're hardcoded to support will show.

Again, it does not matter how many seats or consoles you see on the bridge. What matters is the number of officers the devs set each bridge to display. You haven't received an answer from support because this is neither a bug nor an issue requiring support.

For example, Large layout Unity bridge has room for 12 visible bridge officers. It has at least twice that many seats/consoles but only 12 BOs (no generics, since I have 12 bridge officers) are actually visible at any given time.

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