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New Klingon Ships!
  • The new Klingon ships will be available in game and in the C-store:
  • Varanus Fleet Support Vessel
    • Gorn-designed Science Vessel with integrated subsystem targeting.
    • 3 fore, 3 aft weapon slots.
    • Lt. Tactical, Ens. Engineering, Lt. Engineering, Lt. Cmd. Science, and Cmd. Science officer seats.
    • 2 Tactical, 2 Engineering, and 4 Science console slots.
    • Crew: 750
    • Special ability: This ship can launch up to 5 Repair Platforms that will deploy drones to assist itself or allied ships.
      • Each repair platform can only spawn 2 repair drones. So a full complement of repair platforms can provide healing drones for every member of the team.
      • If your drones get destroyed you can fly back to the platform and get more.
  • Orion-designed Cruiser.
    • 4 fore, 4 aft weapon slots.
    • Lt. Tactical, Lt. Cmd. Engineering, Cmd. Engineering, Ens. Science, and Lt. Science officer seats.
    • 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, and 2 Science console slots.
    • Crew: 1200 (from 800)
    • Special ability: The player is able to deploy a wing of Orion Interceptor Fighters through a click ability. These fighters drop mines, disable subsystems, and capture crew from enemy ships.
      • Known Issue: The Icon for this special ability is currently a plain white icon. It will be fixed soon.
  • B’rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit
    • Klingon Fighter.
    • 4 fore, 2 aft weapon slots.
    • 2 Lt. Universal, 1 Lt. Cmd. Universal, 1 Cmd. Universal officer seats.
    • 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science console slots.
    • Crew: 30
    • Special ability: Enhanced Battle Cloak. This ship can use mines and torpedoes while remaining cloaked, as well as most Bridge Officer and Captain abilities.

  • Cardassian and Dominion fleets have added the Cardassian Hideki Frigate and the Dominion Heavy Escort to their roster.
  • Federation and Mirror Universe Federation fleets have added the Peregrine Fighter to their roster.
  • Information for the new Klingon ships has been added to the database in Qo’noS.
  • Lieutenant Marrien now has eyes.
  • Added improvements to game stability.
  • Audio has been updated for "Fire at Will" and "Beam Overload" when using Original Series-era ship phasers.

Skills and Abilities
  • The Bridge Officer ability, Photonic Officer, now has Klingon or Starfleet-specific audio when used.
  • Fire at Will, Mines, Tricobalt Device, and High Yield Plasma Torpedo no longer "misfire."
  • Fixed an issue causing Turret ship weapons to drain energy for a little longer than expected, causing players to drain too much power when firing multiple turrets in succession.
  • All player Captain skills now display messages to include the names of the ships they modify.
  • The Vor’cha retrofit now uses the Battle Cruiser Retrofit skill.
  • Updated the Klingon skill tree at the General tier with new and altered captain skills.
    • Brigadier Generals and higher will get a respec token to account for the skill changes.
    • Negh’Var Battle Cruiser Captain has become Heavy Battle Cruiser Captain to support a broader range of ships.
    • Added Battle Cruiser Captain Retrofit.
    • Added Patrol Cruiser Captain.
    • Hegh’ta Bird of Prey Captain has become Heavy Raider Captain to support a broader range of ships.
    • Added Raider Retrofit Captain.
    • Added Destroyer Captain.
    • Qin Raptor Captain has become Heavy Raptor Captain to support a broader range of ships.
    • Vo’Quv Carrier Captain has become Carrier Captain to support both the Vo’Quv and Kar’Fi.
    • Kar’Fi Battle Carrier Captain has become Fleet Support Captain to support a different ship type. The conversion from Kar’Fi to the unrelated Fleet Support was needed to properly handle a skill point respec.

  • Skirmish
    • Certain dead Cardassians can no longer be healed by players.
  • Everything Old is New Again
    • Fixed issue preventing mission completion on the first pass.

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