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Unfortunately, I pretty actively disliked 'Night of the Comet.' That's a first for me in these Weekly Series -- I pretty uniformly loved the Breen/Deferi arc, and I really liked most of the Devedian arc. But this episode's left a bad taste in my mouth at best.

The core problem is sense of disbelief, with a soupcon of anger at the ultimate Drake "resolution." But the latter could be modulated. The former can't.

In this episode, we know we have to travel back in time to destroy the comet. And we need to take our starship to do it... because there's no way we could have convinced McCoy, who was our friend and who understands the dangers of triolic waves (and the poisoning that was happening) to have the Federation in his time destroy the comet as a danger to the station. Take that as it may.

Drake conveniently gives us a holographic disguise... of a Klingon ship. Now, Drozona's Federation run right now, with a Federation captain (we met he in the last bit), but for some reason he thinks coming in as a Klingon is a good idea. And he has us do a slingshot to get there.

(As a side note, the slingshot was a cool concept, but I hated the execution. I'm not at all good at twitch-gaming. It's one reason I... you know, play MMOs instead. It took an embarrassingly long time for me to hit the last two, and through it all I kept wondering why Spock got to use a computer that initiated the run and I had to use arrow keys on a keyboard. But that's neither here nor there.)

Once there -- oh hey, we look like a Klingon. During a time when Klingon raids are common. So the first thing we have to do is disable a Constiution Class Starship. And one that, by the by, had an atypical name for the period. We have to hope that we didn't skew the timeline by disabling a Constitution class ship during a tense period in history and that no one was actually hurt when we took it out.

But no problem -- there's the comet, right there....

...only there's a distress call from the station, because the Devedians are attacking. So instead of destroying the comet -- the whole reason we came back in the first place -- and thereby making it impossible for the Devedians to stay in phase and attack the station, we beam over to the station. At the same time, rather than order the ship to destroy the comet while we beam on board -- since, you know, there are still a few people left aboard while we do that -- the ship hangs out.

And oh hey, there we are. Stopping the devedians. Only we also have to shoot Feds and Klingons because their reaction to spectral creatures appearing and consuming their life force is to apparently shoot at anything and anyone. So we take everyone down. We meet Scotty, who tries to amplify the station's shields so everyone doesn't die -- but he needs a macguffin. One we apparently' can't have our ship manufacture and beam over, since... well, you know. Replicators aren't so good at replicating advanced technology like two hundred year old macguffins.

So we go to get the macguffin, because otherwise everyone on the station will die... and that turns into needing to buy a girl a drink.

And not just any drink. We actually have to talk to three different people before we can even get the necessary elements of the logic puzzle we need to solve to buy the woman a drink she'll actually drink instead of rejecting it out of hand... so she'll give us a necessary component to SAVE HER LIFE FROM DEADLY RADIATION.

Okay. Fine. We do all this, we beam back--

And beam into the Kobyashi Maru, because that holodisguise has convinced B'Vet-of-the-past that we're a blood enemy of his house, so he's brought a whole mess of even con Klingon battlecruisers to take us out, while we very slowly break the comet into pieces.

For the record? My ship is a darn good Science Vessel. It really is. It's a Tier 3 Nebula (this character was Commander-10, just shy of getting an Intrepid).

There was no freaking way I could beat that many ships -- while not defeating B'vat's ship so I didn't screw up the timeline. Ultimately, I took to running as far away as I could, drawing them after me, then looping back, blowing up one or two shards, then being destroyed as the fleet caught up to me and hammered my ship into kibble. Perhaps when I play it through on my Escort or Cruiser captains they'll be able to tear everything apart, but all I managed to do was 'enjoy' dying nineteen times.

And then, of course, when the comet was destroyed... suddenly there's been a BORG TEMPORAL DEVICE installed on my ship WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING.

And then a smug little speech how we should love Section 31 ended it all, and we got a choice between a useful disruptor pistol and a useless phaser (seriously -- why was the disruptor a 20 DPS device and the phaser a [i]5/i] DPS decvice. Perhaps perversely, I took the phaser anyone.)

Now, except for Section 31 (which, by the way, I can now definitively state added nothing to the story, since there's no way legitimate Starfleet Intelligence wouldn't have served equally well at all phases), I liked most of this series. I said so above. But this episode just... well, failed. It failed to engage me, it failed to give me a sense of completion or pleasure, and it failed to convince me that any of the events that did happen would happen. Of course I'd have sent my ship to destroy the comet while we rescued the crew on the station. Of course Scotty would have been given whatever macguffin he needed to save the ship without buying anyone drinks. Of course the Klingons and Feds aboard the station wouldn't have been shooting at each other while spectral presences were consuming their life force, and of course the fifth Klingon Fleet wouldn't have shown up with overwhelming force to destroy our ship at the exact moment we finally get to destroy the comet. None of these things should have happened the way they did.

I run through these series with multiple characters -- I want the unique things, I like seeing how they play with different charactersets (and I like seeing the Klingon side of things). And I like playing STO. But between Section 31 and this at best lackluster ending, I'm figuring I'll skip the play. I don't need a bad phaser that badly.

Sorry to be such a downer.
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11-13-2010, 01:50 PM
That's pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell.
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11-13-2010, 02:39 PM
hey that is kewl my friend, thanks for sharing. and its ok if you didnt like it.
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11-15-2010, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by Joshmaul
That's pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell.
Same here...
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11-15-2010, 03:39 PM
The even con super powerful yet ment to be outdated Klingon ships and the drinks puzzle which felt stuck in just for the sake of having a puzzle in the mission really ruined this mission imho.
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11-15-2010, 04:07 PM
I agree, this was perhaps the worst episode I've played in this game, not because I found it particularly difficult, but the story was rediculous, and the mission was a waste of time.

First, credit where it's due: the slingshot Idea was a fantastic addition IMO... I hit it first time no problem, and thought it was a good new gameplay element.

My biggest gripe was the stupid "Nerve Tonic" thing. Firstly, I don't think we ever would have seen Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway or Archer going to that kind of trouble to determine someone's favorite drink in order to save her freaking LIFE. Fairly certain any one of the above mentioned captains would have simply grabber her by the shoulders and shaken her until she told him/her where the friggin' thing was. Seriously, the finale in the devidian series, and your a glorified BARTENDER. Who wrote that crap?

My second biggest gripe, of course was the final battle. I'm flying a defiant retrofit with a cloaking device, so my plan was to draw away the klingons, cloak and then double back on them to hit the comet. It worked to a degree, but as the numbers of klingons continued to increase, it became more and more difficult to draw them away from the fragments. I died about 5 times I think, because I didn't want to shoot at the klingons and risk destroying one of them... which is funny, because somehow, without me firing a single shot back at them, B'Vat managed to destoy himself, and I got a message saying we would have to go back in time again, because we have irrevobaly changed the course of history. Seeting at this point, as I only had 1 damn fragment left, I closed the BO's message, and destroyed the last bit anyway, and lo-and-behold, B'Vat's ship reappeared, and MISSION COMPLETE!

Seriously, worst episode ever. I can't wait for the Foundry to come along so we can start playing/making some decent episodes... A little harsh, I know... there are a lot of good eps... I'm just venting ;-)
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11-16-2010, 06:56 AM
(Federation-specific comments):

The conceptual and execution problems in this mission were well hashed out by others before me, but what stood out in this mission (and the Everything Old is New mission from the week previous) was that great pains are taken to avoid contaminating the timeline... except that in both instances, you and your fellow officers are sent to the 23rd Century wearing modern uniforms (excepting those who wear TOS uniforms, who draw comments about their appearance anyway).

What could raise more questions than a party of Starfleet officers traipsing around a station in bizarre uniforms? Even the club-dragging cavemen of the 23rd Century would clue in to the fact that Something Was Not Right With This Picture. So instead of drawing minimal attention to yourselves, you arrive in a Klingon starship (you can't tell me that a Federation starship with appropriate credentials for the period wouldn't have been far more inconspicuous and perfectly easy for a Starfleet Intelligence organization to provide) and beam aboard wearing a completely inappropriate -- but clearly some kind of Starfleet -- uniform.

I enjoyed the concept of the story so much, but the execution was so flawed. It would have been better to avoid the use of time travel altogether if the complexities and nuances of blending in and protecting the timeline can't be incorporated into the gameplay.
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01-11-2011, 01:56 AM
I kind of agree with most of what you said, but you have to admit, running around in the retro space station was pretty effin cool. :p
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11-13-2010, 03:22 PM
I'm stuck on the end where you have to destroy the comet with Klingons attacking you. I was never crazy about space combat, but hopefully i'll get it.
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11-13-2010, 04:51 PM
I originally had the same problem with the space battle. This is what I've seen on other threads.
  1. Disable the first two D7s.
  2. Shoot the comet.
  3. Disable the next incoming D7s.
  4. Shoot a fragment.
  5. Disable D7s.
  6. Shoot shards.
  7. Disable...

Basically, at each step you disable the new group of D7s and then go back to Comet Bits.

The sequence of events was odd, though. I expected some kind of ground portion, but not the way it happened. Destroying the comet then taking care of the straggling Devidians on the station seems more reasonable. Also, at the end having that Borg temporal node on my ship felt like a Deus Ex Machina.

Either 1) we have that device on board from the beginning and use it instead of the slingshot. Or 2) We warp out of Drozana and head back to the slingshot location to either do it again, or have it scripted for us.

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