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Exploration missions:
- are not especially challenging.
- do not really have any continuous plot (afaik).
- do not change anything about the universe.

So, could you make a better mission?

Realistically, you'd have:
- 5-15 minutes of player time (I assume the borg/fed engineering officers and their 5-hour battles are an anomaly).
- 0-8 groups of enemies.
- no guarantee that the player has run quest X beforehand.

And, if so, do you think we could convince cryptic enough to replace some of the current missions?
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11-16-2010, 10:42 AM
If the challenge is to build a set of better exploration missions, I'll take that challenge.

Really, all you need is a fairly generic mission where you can ad-lib people, places and things and swap them out for other people, places and things.
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11-16-2010, 02:00 PM
I already have plans to redo most of the explore missions in one form or another. No idea if cryptic will use them or not.

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11-17-2010, 02:24 PM
I plan to make a series of exploration style missions revolving around the Dominion War so that I do not have to fly around looking for active Dominion DSEs. It would be nice if there were generic "kill 5 of these" missions for the major enemies.
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11-17-2010, 03:45 PM
I posted this in my own thread but it got buried:

Also, just a quick idea that could use some fleshing out, but it's been mentioned that creating the thousands of systems necessary to build a true open exploration experience would be very time consuming... and it would be, for a Dev Team. But if we, in our thousands, were to have the ability to create new systems and place them in an exploration sector.... the possibilities are literally endless.

Picture exploration space as a huge, mostly empty map, but each star visible represents an actual hand-designed, hand placed star system... and I'm talking huge, something that would take an hour of real time, or more, to fly across in sector space. But every star you see can be explored...

It could work like this:
Say the huge exploration map is made up of a grid, where a player could "buy" a grid square to design. In that grid square are smaller squares, each of which could contain a star - which represents a system that can be explored. ("Buy" could represent ingame currency, of C Store credits, or Honor points, whatever - the point is, it would cost the player something to work on it, limiting the number of claimed, but unused/undesigned squares) - Anyway, as the Foundry designer finishes a system, he publishes it and it becomes visible in sector space. A player could design his grid to include a small war between two systems in his "grid", or resource/trading coalitions among the aliens that he created to live there...
Then added:
Suppose players could buy grids in chunks, so you could personally design and place a small corner of space... not just one grid of say 6 systems, maybe you could lay claim to specific grid squares in some kind of overhead map... so they'd need to be numbered and a plot map would need to be created.
And this was my last post, in response to a question about the possibility of a lot of throw away missions being done by us:
Maybe... but I don't see how Genesis created empty worlds with cookie cutter mobs could possibly be better than hand created content. I think a lot of us are selling ourselves short. As evidence, look at all of the user created fanfic, user created mods, images, models... for any genre really. Sure, there's some average, or downright bad stuff, but pretty much any of it beats a randomly generated cookie-cutter experience.

Really, compare Genesis content to user created FarCry2 maps. Of course there are some terrible maps, but the *worst* of them easily beat a randomly generated one as far as playability goes, and they're a heck of a lot more interesting, even if you just want to walk around and explore the map. Genesis *can't* do that for us.

And multiply that by thousands... of course every world or system wouldn't be great, but just the possibility of seeing something different excites me... not to mention the idea that a person could create entire protagonist and antagonist races, with planets, trade routes, rivalries, bases... As opposed to the same 100m x 100m world with a path, 5 clickies and some generic plants and buildings, and let's not forget the flowing-lava-rocks.

Anyway, I think ultimately too many of us are far too limiting in what we think the devs, or ourselves can do, or would do, given the chance.
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11-18-2010, 04:32 PM
I was flying through space yesterday and entered the Zeta Andromeda sector, which I haven't been to in months. I thought to myself, "Oh I'll go over and check out this planet and... oh wait... I can't repeat the patrol, its gone forever. Wouldn't it be cool if you could go there and see Community Authored missions in every star system in the galaxy?

I don't want to lose the Genesis missions, a procedurally generated mission has its place, it gives me something to do to entertain myself and be surprised when I zone in. Sure I can guess the plot within the first dialog box, but whatever, sometimes its nice to just see what happens.

Maybe someday we will be able to write a Genesis mission by taking one of our missions and adding the Mad Libs randomized dialog that makes the system work.

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