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I thought I'd share the timeline of the alternate timeline I am using for the antagonists of my UCG content. I hope you like it

World War III ends and the Earth is left devastated by the nuclear carnage of it. Scientific advancement continues, however. Over a 10 year period, the Peace keeper Government is formed and the remains of humanity is placed under a totalitarian regime

The past events of Star Trek: First Contact. Zefram Cochrane makes the first human warp flight with the Phoenix. This attracts the Vulcans and they make first contact with humans, the Vulcans are taken into custody and Cochrane is placed under “protective custody” by the Peace Keeper Government. The Vulcan High Command parley for the release of their comrades, forcing the Vulcan Government into an uneasy truce with the Humans

The SSS Valiant is launched.

the unmanned interstellar warp probe Security 1 is launched

the colony ship SSS Conestoga is launched. It would found the Terra Nova colony.

Earth begins to recover from its nuclear war. The Human/Vulcan war begins, lasting a year ending in the Nuclear attack on the Vulcan Capital. The Surak Accord is written, bringing Vulcan into the protectorate of the Peace Keeper Alliance

22nd century

Jonathan Archer is born in upstate New York on Earth.

Zefram Cochrane, who now is residing on Alpha Centauri, sets off for parts unknown and disappears. Some thought he was testing a new engine for the Peace Keeper Alliance. After an exhaustive search, it is believed that Cochrane was assassinated. He becomes one of the most famous missing people in history.

2128 Jonathan Archer is Drafted into the Peace Keeper forces. He excels in his training and fast becomes a promising cadet

Hoshi Sato is born.

Warp 2 Barrier broken by Commander Robinson in NX Alpha and Warp 2.5 achieved by Commander Archer in NX Beta

Warp 3 Broken by Commander Duvall in NX Delta

Keel laid for NX-01 Enterprise

Jonathan Archer assumes command of the NX-01 Enterprise and spearheads the expansion of Peace Keeper policy to the stars

The Earth-Romulan War is fought between United Earth and its allies, and the Romulan Star Empire. The war ends in a stalemate though the Romulans are defeated at the Battle of Cheron. The Romulan Security Zone is established.

The Peace Keeper Alliance is founded by Earth, Tellar, Andoria, and Vulcan.

Sarek, Federation diplomat and father of Spock, is born on Vulcan.

2160s to 2196
The Daedalus class warship is active.

3rd century
Montgomery Scott is born in Scotland, United States of Europe

Leonard McCoy is born in Georgia, U.S., on Earth.

Spock, the son of Sarek and the human Amanda Grayson, is born on Vulcan.

James T. Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa.

Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco.

Nyota Uhura is born in the United States of Africa.

The SSS Enterprise, a Constitution class vessel is launched under the command of Robert April, on a five-year mission of exploration.

Pavel Chekov is born to Ukrainian parents.

After a refit, the SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is launched on a second five-year mission under Captain Christopher Pike to bring Security to the Alliance

The SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) undergoes a major refit, increasing its crew complement from 200 to 400.

Jonathan George Wells born In Sheffield, United States of Europe

Boothby, groundskeeper and counselor at Starfleet Academy, is born.

Christopher Pike is executed for sedition. James T. Kirk is captain of the starship Enterprise on an historic five-year mission to bring security to the Alliance. He is long remembered as one of the most effective Peace Keepers of his time, with the execution of over 200 traitors and the “repatriation” of countless worlds into Alliance

The SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) returns from its five-year mission under the command of Captain James T. Kirk and enters major refit while Kirk is promoted to Praetor at Starfleet Command.

The upgraded SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) embarks on a five-year mission under the command of Praetor James T. Kirk.

Around this time the SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is retired from active duty and assigned as a training vessel in orbit of Earth. Captain Spock executes Praetor Kirk for Sedition and is promoted to Praetor and granted a seat in the Senate

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) is launched under the command of captain Savvik. SSS H.G. Wells goes missing, with First Officer Jonathan Wells amongst the missing crew. Praetor K'Vol covers up the disappearance as a “tragic accident in the line of duty”

The Enterprise-A is slated to be decommissioned.

SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) is launched.

24th century

Jean-Luc Picard is born in LaBarre, France on Earth.

Beverly Howard is born in Copernicus City, Luna.

Benjamin L. Sisko is born in New Orleans, Louisiana on Earth.

Jean-Luc Picard becomes captain of the SSS Stargazer.

Geordi La Forge is born in the African Federation, Earth
William T. Riker is born in Valdez, Alaska on Earth.

Deanna Troi is born on Betazed.
Kathryn Janeway is born in Bloomington, Indiana on Earth.

Tasha Yar is born in a failed Peace Keeper colony on Turkana-IV.

Worf, son of Mogh, is born on the Klingon Empire homeworld, Qo'noS.

Julian Bashir is born.

The Galaxy class development project is officially given the greenlight by Starfleet Command.

The Enterprise-C, under the command of Capt. Rachel Garrett, is destroyed defending after being lured by a fake distress call from Khitomer. The Klingon Romulan Empires ambush the vessel igniting the Khitomer War

Worf's parents are killed in the Khitomer attack. Worf (age 6) is adopted by human parents.
The war ends with the Romulan Empire now under the protectorate of the Peace Keeper Alliance, the Klingon Empire fall back and call a cease fire, resulting in the Kitomer Treaty, demanding a demilitarization of the Klingon Empire, under protest. The Peace Keeper Alliance deploys military bases within the Klingon Borders, and is troubled by Klingon Insurgency for over a century. Praetor Spock begins the process of “Reunification” of the Romulans with the Vulcans outlawing Romulan teaching under penalty of death.

Annika Hansen is born in Tendara Colony, to Magnus and Erin Hansen.

Annika Hansen is assimilated by the Borg.

Worf is the first Klingon to be drafted into the Peace Keeper Academy.
SSS Galaxy (NX-70637), the prototype Galaxy class is launched.

SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), the third Galaxy class starship (Following the Galaxy and Yamato) is launched from the McKinley shipyard in Earth orbit, and becomes the Alliance's new flagship.

SSS Enterprise D commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard heralds a stronger era for the Aliance

The Borg assimilate Captain Jean Luc Picard – the Battle of Wolf 359 is fought 7.7 light years from Earth in Sector 001. The battle results in the loss of 39 Starfleet vessels and over 11,000 lives; the Borg continue to Earth. Picard is Killed in the destruction of the Borg Cube by the Enterprise. Captain William Riker assumes command of the SSS Enterprise

The Peace Keeper forces Annex the Bajor System from the Cardassians, Benjamin Sisko assumes command of Deep Space Nine and discovers the Wormhole, but not as a doorway to the Gamma Quadrant, as a doorway to another reality, where a tyrannical empire has fallen and humans are enslaved by an alien alliance. Sisko is charged with the sanction of securing the system for the Peace Keeper Alliance, and preventing refugees from the alternate reality from seeking sanctuary.

The SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), Riker is killed, going down with his ship

SSS Voyager is stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

Sovereign-class SSS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) launched, Captain Data commanding

The Borg begin a second invasion of Alliance space, but their incursion is cut short by a powerful race known only as the Watchers, an inter dimensional race intent on bring other realities in line with their perceived order.

The Watcher War is fought. After devastating losses on both sides, The Watchers surrender to the Peace Keeper Forces With the Klingon military in ruins, and the Cardassian Union shattered, The Peace Keeper Alliance emerges from the conflict as the only major power with the influence to affect Alpha Quadrant politics. Worf is made Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, though he tries to restore the honor of his people, his people see him as little more than a puppet of the Alliance.

With the help of a future Admiral Janeway, the SSS Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant

Shinzon, with the help of the Remans, assassinates Praetor Spock and begins the Romulan rebellion against the Peace Keeper Alliance.

Romulus is destroyed. Shinzon remains at large. The SSS H.G. Wells returns after with Jonathan Wells in command. The Terran Wars begin, with a full assault from the Mirror Universe by the Terran Empire
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11-17-2010, 04:21 AM
so you've got a different universe all together.. how are the Terran Alliance going to meet the Federation/Klingons? (players)

Then how will the Terran Empire get wind of this peace by whatever means reality ?

my timeline is more or less....2380(ish) The Terran Rebellion forms into the Terran Federation

2385(ish) Smileys son kills him and reforms the federation into the second Empire

2387 - Due to internal affairs the Alliance (klingon - spoon head) falls apart and the Klingon Empire decalres war on the Spoon heads. Romulus explodes for unknown reasons.

The Terran Empire at this point has retaken up to the Sol system and begins a mega starship construction program

2395(ish) while developing new ships smiley finds a reference to the prime universe and sends scouts through to steal state of the art... stuff.

2400(ish) The Terran Empire conquers Cardassia, Cardassian vessels are used for kamikaze tactics againts the Klingon front. Cardassian shipyards begin construction of terran vessels.

2405(The Klingons have fallen out of Terran space (with the exception of a few renegades/patrols)
The Terran Empire expands into what was once Romulan space (who were conqured in the 2150's acording to MB)

2407 An Emperor rises to lead the Empire

2409 (Smiley dies/MIA in the Prime Universe as results to his failed attempt to alter the Wormhole - The Alliance remenants are holding their ground, A new Terran Officer takes the lead with the invasion of the prime universe)

What your get to witness and/or see in my series

* Mirror Bajor
*Terran Empire first contact with the Undine
*Mirror Woahda (the tree dude at the bar on ds9 - hes going to be working for the klingons :O )
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11-17-2010, 04:57 AM
Terran alliance was a bit of an inside joke for me and a few buddies who played star trek as kids

Also I was thinking that as our Universes have crossed swords before it could make for an interesting player plotline. The Peace Keeper Alliance isn't necessarily evil as it is draconian, and sees the Empire as little more than petty tyrants and pirates. Probably more likley to get on with the Federation than with the Terran Empire, but only by a smidge
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11-17-2010, 08:27 AM
somehow i doubt the Terran Empire would get on the the Federation :O
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11-17-2010, 08:35 AM
With good reason. The Federation has always played apart in both it's rise fall and eventual new rise to power both directly (Kirk Incident, DS9 interference) and indirectly (Defiant). They are both damned without us and damned with us, so they hate the Federation for it. They feel like the little runt living in the shadow of their bigger brother and intend to rectify it. War with between dimensions was inevitable really
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11-17-2010, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Ashka_Neris
With good reason. The Federation has always played apart in both it's rise fall and eventual new rise to power both directly (Kirk Incident, DS9 interference) and indirectly (Defiant). They are both damned without us and damned with us, so they hate the Federation for it. They feel like the little runt living in the shadow of their bigger brother and intend to rectify it. War with between dimensions was inevitable really
True.... hows the Terran Alliance going to arrive though? Fed player does Experiment A which of course goes wrong and boom Terran Alliance ship (your main due or dudette) and a Terran Empire warship (my dude or dudette) the captains begin to argue with each other, we then get the Fed player to pick a side ? :O

Note: My terran dude wont be the same dude your see in my planned episodes for anyone whos reading this)

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