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Career Specific Abilities.
  • Tactical (Ground):

    • TO: Target Optics.

    • FomM: Fire on my Mark.

    • TI: Tactical Initiative.

    • SE: Security Escort.

    • ST: Strike Team.

  • Tactical (Space):

    • APA: Attack Pattern Alpha.

    • FomM: Fire on my Mark.

    • TI: Tactical Initiative.

    • GDF: Go Down Fighting.

    • TF: Tactical Fleet.

  • Engineering (Ground):

    • RPtS: Reroute Power to Shields.

    • CS: Cover Shield.

    • SDF: Support Drone Fabrication.

    • OS: Orbital Strike.

    • EP: Engineering Proficiency.

  • Engineering (Space):

    • RSF: Rotate Shield Frequency.

    • EPS PT: EPS Power Transfer.

    • NI: Nadion Inversion.

    • MW: Miracle Worker.

    • EF: Engineering Fleet.

  • Science (Ground):

    • TS: Tricorder Scan.

    • NN: Neural Neutralizers.

    • DF: Dampening Field.

    • NpI: Nanoprobe Infestation.

    • SA: Scientific Aptitude.

  • Science (Space):

    • SS: Sensor Scan.

    • SnB: Subnucleonic Beam.

    • DF: Dampening Field.

    • PF: Photonic Fleet.

    • SF: Science Fleet.

Shared Abilities.
  • Shared (Ground):

    • CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Ground).

    • CryG: Cryo Grenade.

  • Shared (Space):

    • FI: Full Impulse (Space).

    • EM: Evasive Maneuvers (Space).

    • Tw: Transwarp (Space).

    • BfI: Brace for Impact (Space).

    • RS: Ramming Speed (Space).

    • AS: Abandon Ship (Space).

    • FS: Fleet Support (Space).

    • QSsD: Quantum Slipstream Drive (Space).

Bridge Officer Abilities.
  • Tactical (Ground):

    • DF: Draw Fire.

    • FF: Focus Fire.

    • LS: Leg Sweep.

    • PhoG: Photon Grenade.

    • SmoG: Smoke Grenade.

    • SF: Suppressing Fire.

    • Lng: Lunge.

    • Ow: Overwatch.

    • FomM: Fire on my Mark.

    • PlaG: Plasma Grenade.

    • SM: Stealth Module.

    • Ab: Ambush.

    • MA: Motion Accelerator.

    • StuG: Stun Grenade.

  • Tactical (Space):

    • BAFaW: Beam Array: Fire at Will.

    • BAO: Beam Array: Overload.

    • TT: Tactical Team.

    • THY: Torpedo: High Yield.

    • TS: Torpedo: Spread.

    • BTWS: Beam Target Weapons Subsystems.

    • BTES: Beam Target Engines Subsystems.

    • BTSS: Beam Target Shields Subsystems.

    • BTAS: Beam Target Auxiliary Subsystems.

    • APB: Attack Pattern Beta.

    • APD: Attack Pattern Delta.

    • CRF: Cannon: Rapid Fire.

    • CSV: Cannon: Scatter Volley.

    • DPA: Dispersal Pattern Alpha.

    • DPB: Dispersal Pattern Beta.

    • APO: Attack Pattern Omega.

  • Engineering (Ground):

    • CMB: Chroniton Mine Barrier.

    • QF: Quick Fix.

    • SR: Shield Recharge.

    • WM: Weapons Malfunction.

    • RPtS: Reroute Power to Shields.

    • SGF: Shield Generator Fabrication.

    • PTF: Phaser Turret Fabrication.

    • CovS: Cover Shield.

    • ED: Equipment Diagnostics.

    • MGF: Medical Generator Fabrication.

    • QMF: Quantum Mortar Fabrication.

    • ComS: Combat Supply.

    • FA: Fuse Armor.

    • SDF: Support Drone Fabrication.

  • Engineering (Space):

    • EPtA: Emergency Power to Auxiliary.

    • EPtW: Emergency Power to Weapons.

    • EPtE: Emergency Power to Engines.

    • EPtS: Emergency Power to Shields.

    • ET: Engineering Team.

    • AtB: Auxiliary to Battery.

    • AtD: Auxiliary to Dampeners.

    • AtS: Auxiliary to Structural.

    • BP: Boarding Party.

    • DEM: Directed Energy Modulation.

    • ES: Extend Shields.

    • RSP: Reverse Shield Polarity.

    • AF: Aceton Field.

    • EWP: Eject Warp Plasma.

  • Science (Ground):

    • TH: Tachyon Harmonic.

    • GS: Gravimetric Shift.

    • HypoD: Hypospray - Dylovene.

    • MT: Medical Tricorder.

    • SP: Sonic Pulse.

    • SF: Stasis Field.

    • TS: Tricorder Scan.

    • VR: Vascular Regenerator.

    • HR: Hyperonic Radiation.

    • HypoM: Hypospray - Melorazine.

    • NN: Neural Neutralizer.

    • AG: Anesthizine Gas.

    • DF: Dampening Field.

    • NHM: Nanite Health Monitor.

  • Science (Space):

    • HE: Hazard Emitters.

    • JS: Jam Sensors.

    • MES: Mask Energy Signature.

    • PH: Polarize Hull.

    • ST: Science Team.

    • TyB: Tachyon Beam.

    • TtB: Tractor Beam.

    • TSS: Transfer Shield Strength.

    • CPB: Charged Particle Burst.

    • ES: Energy Siphon.

    • FP: Feedback Pulse.

    • PO: Photonic Officer.

    • TtBR: Tractor Beam Repulsors.

    • SS: Scramble Sensors.

    • TkR: Tyken's Rift.

    • GW: Gravity Well.

    • PSW: Photonic Shock Wave.

    • VM: Viral Matrix.

  • AoE: Area of Effect.

  • PBAoE: Point-blank Area of Effect.

  • GTAoE: Ground-target Area of Effect

  • CAoE: Conal Area of Effect.

  • DoT: Damage over Time.

  • DPS: Damage Per Second.

  • HoT: Healing over Time

  • OP: Over Powered
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General Chat / Forum Terms:
  • ATM: At The Moment.

  • BBQ: Barbecue.

  • BOff: Bridge Officer.

  • BoE: Bind on Equip.

  • BoPu: Bind on Pickup.

  • BRB: Be Right Back.

  • DIACF: Die In A Chemical Fire.

  • DIAF: Die In A Fire.

  • DXP: Diplomatic Experience Points.

  • FYI: For Your Information.

  • HBY: He's Behind You.

  • HUD: Head Up Display.

  • IIRC: If I Recall Correctly.

  • IMO: In My Opinion.

  • IP: Intellectual Property (STO) / Internet Protocol (Common to 21st Century Internet Users).

  • L2P: Learn to Play.

  • LLAP: Live Long, and Prosper.

  • LoL: Laugh out Loud.

  • LY: Light Year.

  • Mish: Mission.

  • MT: Mistyped.

  • Newb / Newbie: New Player Unfamiliar with Protocols (nice version).

  • Noob / Nub: New Player Unfamiliar with Protocols (bad version).

  • NZ: Neutral Zone.

  • OP: Original Post / Original Poster.

  • P&LL: Peace and Long Life.

  • P2SP: Post to See Posts.

  • PUG: Pick Up Group.

  • QFE: Quoted For Emphasis.

  • QFT: Quoted for Truth or Topic.

  • qq / QQ: Kind of like 2 eyes with Teardrops coming out (Logographic not Phonetic)

  • RoFL: Roll on Floor Laughing.

  • RrB: Restroom Break.

  • RoA: Rules of Acquisition.

  • STF: Special Task Force.

  • TBA: To Be Announced.

  • TBC: To Be Confirmed.

  • TBD: To Be Determined.

  • TBH: To Be Honest.

  • TL;DR: Too Long, Didn't Read.

  • TL;DC: Too Long, Don't Care.

  • UGC: User Generated Content.

  • WC: Wrong Chat / Wrong Channel.

  • WiS?: Where is Sulu?

  • WZ: War Zone.
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Lt. Commander
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Originally Posted by Archived Post;3184011[*
Noob / Nub: New Player Unfamiliar with Protocols (bad version).
Generally noob doesn't always mean new player, hence why we have two words, newb and noob, with newb meaning a new player that hasn't learnt something yet and noob meaning any player who does something stupid when they should know better.
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Epic necro is seems to be making a go at society living as well as a few people haven't realized it yet
Chive on and prosper, eh?

My PvE/PvP hybrid skill tree

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