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With all the talk about a Fed Carrier and all the PvP unbalance lately i thought well ill test this out.
I have max level Klinks and Feds , and there is a huge differance , when i play as Klink pvp is easy , to be honest its because of the cloaks.

This allows one team to fly invisible as a group , capture caps , lay in wait till feds capture one and zoom off , uncloak and take it back straight away. Groups invisible then decloaking and letting loose on one ship , feds have little chance, they can see most fed ships and where there going , the3 advantage is definetly in Klink hands hands down , there is more but its all been said.

So my idea is let the Feds have a Carrier , sort off.

The Nebula is costly to buy is is a terrible ship , the t5 ship is awsome to look at , best ingame i think so....

How about a new abilitie on it to allow it to sort of be a cross between a carrier and what it is now (crap lol) , what about a version of Photonic Fleet?

This could launch Photonic Battle wing or something , ships stay till dead but wont compare to a Carrier but would help.

Something like:
1 Marque (the fighters what ever name is)
2 Runabouts
3 Shuttles

Combined with Photonic Fleet would turn the Nebula into a cloak hunter killer to a degree , and wouldnt be a true carrier then so not breaking Cannon to much lol , Photonic Fleet could have its timer cut to half if on a Nebula as well?

Just a thought what you think?

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11-26-2010, 02:59 AM
I certainly don't want more Photonic Ships shooting up targets.

I would accept powers that create holographic vessels that don't do any damage and just look like a hostile or allied ship, to confuse people.

I wouldn't mind a ship that has the ability to warp-in other player ships on the map (or the ability to give other players ships the ability to warp-in to the ship). This would allow such a "mobile transwarp gate" to risk staying alone for a while.
Here is my last take on that:

Here is my idea:

Exploration Fleet Support Vessel
The Federation Fleet Support Vessel performs a unique role in the 25th century. With the successful implementation of Transwarp technology, Starfleet vessels can cover long distances in basically zero-time. But this speed advantage does not automatically transfer into a range advantage, as Transwarp Gates are still needed to reach target destinations, and the gates need to be highly guarded so that only very few ships actually have clearance to use them.

For the exploration mission of Starfleet, the Exploration Fleet Support Vessel was designed to make Transwarp generally useful with less security risks for Starfleet. The Exploration Fleet Support Vessel is a mobile Transwarp Gate that can also create temporary transwarp gates. The EFSS can move deep into unknown territory, and allied ships with access information for the transwarp gate can transwarp to its location. From there, they can spread out and start exploring the region. The EFFS is equipped with expanded medical and engineering facilities to provide support to ships, allowing it to serve as a mobile base for an attached fleet of research vessels. Unauthorized vessels would need to overpower and commandeer the ship to get access to it - and the ship can actively try to evade or escape such enemies, or even self-destruct, unlike normal, stationary transwarp gates.

The EFFS can also create temporary transwarp conduits leading to itself, so it can leave behind shortcuts for allied ships while it continues exploration on its own. For its own exploration mission, it is also equipped with research labs and various subspace and EM telescopes.

In wartimes, the Exploration Fleet Support Vessel can allow fast movement between the front line and the safer core regions, and provide strategic or tactical support for nearby vessels.

Hull: 42,000; Shields: As Science Vessel
Weapon: 3 Front, 3 Aft.
Turn Rate: 4
Consoles: 3 Engineering, 3 Science, 2 Tactical
Bridge Officer Seatings: Commander Engineer, Lt.Commander Science, Lt. Tactical, Lt. Engineering, Ensign Science
Power Level Modifiers: +5 Shields and +5 Auxiliary (Should SVs ever get a +15 bonus to Aux like they should, raise this to +5 Shield and +10 Aux).

Special Ability:
o Additional Transwarp Locations (Deep Space Nine, Deep Space K-7, Sierra Starbase)
o Create temporary Transwarp Conduit (Active)
- Creates a temporary transwarp conduit in system space. Allied ships can approach the conduit and are transwarped to the EFFSV.
- The temporary transwarp conduit lasts indefinitely but can be destroyed. 24,000 to 36,000 hp (depending on Auxiliary Power at time of creation)
- Cooldown 4 minutes. No more then three conduits can be spawned at the same time.
o Repair Facilities (Passive)
- Allied ships within 5 km gain a +100 % bonus on their hull and subsystem repair rates.
o Medical Facilities (Passive)
- Allied ships within 5km gain a +100 % bonus on their crew regeneration rate.
o Support Team (Active):
- Acts like Engineering Team I, Science Team I and Tactical Team 1.
- Cooldown: 90 seconds (System: Crew)
One could certainly steal one of the ideas for a Science Power or another ship's special ability. But the current Nebula might not be perfect, adding this in addition to what it already has seems wrong.
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11-26-2010, 06:40 AM
Ah well it was just a idea , you see ive been useing a Nebula to take down Carriers with Pulse , Scrambles and Photonic Fleets but it means i have to wait a long time and go hide till my cooldowns run down , the Nebula really needs some work.

I like your idea about the support vessel as well.
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# 4
12-01-2010, 09:21 AM
Perhaps the Nebula simply needs to have its special ability have some function beyond being a questionably useful PvP only cloak detector?
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# 5 Photonic Ships Yes
12-07-2010, 08:55 PM
As a Science Capt., I could use more powerful Photonic ships especially since the Klingons keep using these fighter ships agianst us and thier Cloaking abilities in PVP, so we need to even the playing field.
Besides, as it is now, the Photonic ships don't really do anything except provide more targets to shoot at.
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# 6 TDG say whaaaaat
12-08-2010, 01:55 AM
Well, i like flying my nebula (T5). But i wouldn't mind the TDC to receive some love. As it is now the cloak detection is kind of meh (did some testing with friends) and the additional sensor boost is kind of lame too.

I would not like the nebula to receive a boost that only SCI capt can actually use, as with photonic fleet. Whatever the boost all cpt should be able to benefit from it.
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12-08-2010, 03:50 PM
I have a Nebula. Nebula as a cloak hunter is a complete fail. The TachGrid ability lasts for a seconds and have unrealistically long cooldown. On the other hand, you can face up to 8-10 klingon ships at a time and more than half of them will have cloak. Cloak has UNLIMITED DURATION and 10 second cooldown. Are you kidding me? How's that supposed to be a cloak hunter?

Maybe the dev should thinking about balancing cloak/anti-cloak abilities, from a practical point of view.

Every time I play pvp against Klingon, regardless winning/losing, I question whether or not the devs actually play in pvp so they can get a feel of what actual happens.

I'm ok with the approach of not letting all Feds just get cloak and call it balanced. But currently Fed has NOTHING to counter the tactical advantage of Klingon cloak. Can you hear me? Klingons always have the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE!! This is called UNFAIR. It doesn't matter if I win/lose, or if some fed players just go afk in pvp matches, it's fundamentally unfair.

It's not Fed player's fault that they don't try hard in pvp. The Devs bare just as much responsibility for killing FvK pvp.

I'm not even going to start with Klingon carriers (I actually named my kilngon carrier the IKS Lag Generator). Klingon carriers is a pretty bad idea to start with, I'm not sure if the solution is to have Fed carriers (more of the same bad thing).

If the Devs are not aware, in the 21st century, radars/satellites designed to detect incoming enemies, are on 24/7!!! Surprise? I'm sure you are
(and don't even mention stealth fighters, I'm not remotely considering to acknowledge the Klingons are the USAF and the Feds are the Democratic Republic of Congo air force)
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12-10-2010, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by PhaseCloaker
I'm not remotely considering to acknowledge the Klingons are the USAF and the Feds are the Democratic Republic of Congo air force)
It's sad....

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