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So I make a custom costume. Check.

I make a Pop-up dialogue, and attempt to select my custom costume in the list, and it is not there. (And yes, I know it is alphabetical.)

Strangely enough, the custom costume shows up in the list when I try to place toons on maps.

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12-05-2010, 03:01 AM
OK, I figured this one out somewhat.

Any pop-up dialogue I created BEFORE the custom costume was created cannot use the custom costume.

While I can simple copy / paste / delete to get the other boxes fixed, I can't use the custom costume for the Grant Mission dialogue.

Since custom costumes don't save outside of the mission Project... no dice.
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01-29-2012, 03:21 PM
So is there a solution? I have created some costumes and I can't use them neither in Map Transition nor in Pop Up dialogue. When I click to select, my costumes show under project maps but selecting it does nothing, its alike its not working. What do I do? I was excited about foundry now I am getting ****ed since its half baked and has all kinds of stupid bugs. I have deleted all my popup dialogues, deleted all my map transitions and can't chose my own costumes still.

Another thing is that I can't chose to have player bridge officer as a contact. So if I want to create a scene on the ship's bridge with current player officers its impossible. If the above worked with custom costumes I'd at least use my own but I can't chose them to function as pop-up or transition are costumes.
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01-29-2012, 03:31 PM
NVM, you can use your own costumes you just have to select them from Asset View, if you select them from Project maps it won't work...
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01-29-2012, 11:26 PM
You may also find that your first popup, missions accept box or popup before first map transition may not work due to the fact it must be a Cryptic custom character. Your assets will not load for the player until you have entered the first map transition to a foundry ugc map.
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01-30-2012, 07:05 AM
Yeah the Whole Map thing is known to people who played with Foundry for a bit. You can't get through since it would result in error message that you need a door if your first map switch to custom map and "leave from" is not done through existing STO system.

So far I've been able to get through all the bugs. There is another bug, or maybe its just a limitations of Foundry that you can't jump between two different maps as many times as you want. Or maybe I am not doing it right. I've tried different spawn points and different markers but it seems that if I go from one custom map to the other there and back, the third time becomes the first time. So if I say have a transition to a custom map, then have another transition to second custom map, then transition to first first custom map - while you play the mission it will use the third transition in mission tracker and use that third transition first.

I was able to get around it by creating a copy of the custom maps and pointing duplicate transitions to a spawn point on the copies. This is quite an annoying limit. Overall this foundry editor is very crappy. It allows you to make some dumb missions without a problem, but as soon as you try to make something more interesting than just "get mission from NPC, go to map and kill bots" you run into all kind of walls. I guess its better than nothing.

What I am really missing is camera positioning. Lack of music selection. You can't create a mood/atmosphere for your mission, its all dumbed down to stupid dialogue windows and generic music. WHY can't we chose which music we want to run on our maps. I am not asking personal music, I am asking of what already is in STO, why foundry doesn't give us a choice of STO music selection on specific maps? You can only do the ambient sounds and even then only in specific cases. Foundry been out for how many months? Time to give us some more options.

Also I've played some TOP foundry missions... really? People give those missions 5 stars? Some of them feel artificially being bumped up because missions are honestly feel very crappy, repetitive and have very little story.

Anyways, sorry for a bit of temper here, I am just a bit frustrated with how buggy Foundry is and how little there is information about creating soemthing more than just a regular fedex mission.

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