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# 1 ideas for the developers
12-11-2010, 09:32 AM
I think you can give us the best possible star trek experience. I believe that if you change the replay from the console in the ready room and make a holodeck on the crew deck..that would improve replay. Then, if u made it possible to set a destination from the bridge and then you can walk around the ship if you want. Then when you reach your destination either the ships computer advises the captain by audio or the helmsman advises you. If that is possible then you can do away with the borders asking the player if they want to go into the next sector block. Also, when you beam up from anywhere you start off in the transporter room, and when you beam anywhere you are already in the ship so you have to go to the transporter room to beam down. Pretty much utilize the interior for everything except battles. In addition, if we utilized the interior to the fullest then we could also have friends beam to our ship from space dock or their ships transporter room and go to destinations like risa or anywhere we want to go. I would also if possible revamp the starbase for the earth space dock. Make it look like the real one from the movies, and if possible you could set it up for the player to enable or disable cutscenes of the docking of their ship like in the movie star trek 2 and tng. I am not sure how much work this would be for your team of developers, but I can definitely say with all of my confidense that 99.9% of your members that play this game day in and day out that they would would play this even longer and tell even more people. If you can achieve all of this...we would have the total star trek experience that would surpass all other pretenders to the thrown. If I have any other ideas I will let you know with an additional thread to this one. Thank you for your time.


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