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# 1 Ninth Fleet
12-11-2010, 02:53 PM
We were 9th Fleet in Beta, the Germans beat us to the name when Live came out. We are the original 9th Fleet from the Dynaverse days.

Our Website:

We can also be found on the Subspace Radio fleet listing. All of our recruiting information can be found on the website, although I as the Recruitment Officer have temporarily relaxed restrictions in order to allow for some fresh blood. You can contact me ingame: Qu'irbo@Barihawk. You can also look for us on the fleet finder. If someone is online who can recruit you, just message them and we'll talk. We also support SFC, Bridge Commander, and Ogame. I believe some folks are trying to get an Eve Online fleet on it's feet as well.

We have Teamspeak (not required, but encouraged for fleet actions and special task force missions. We also have a dedicated forum roleplay crowd.


On an August day back in 1999, a few players got together on MPlayer while playing Starfleet Command and formed a fleet they called the 9th for the Starlance Gaming League. Little did they know at the time just where this adventure would take them, but in the following months and years the 9th has always been involved in the community in one degree or another. We have been an active part in the early ladder leagues, player run campaigns, the online Dynaverse, and have been active with four incarnations of Starfleet Command. Since then, we have expanded from our primary gaming of SFC to include Bridge Commander, EVE and Neverwinter Nights. We look forward to continuing this tradition as new game titles come out which we are commonly interested in.

Our Philosophy
We believe in the team concept, and encourage a positive and supportive attitude among our members. Leadership plays a big role, and anyone who shows interest in being active in this regard is given the opportunity to do so. We acknowledge that each member has different abilities and different interests, and as such do not penalize them if they don't "measure up". Each member is recognized for their accomplishments in one form or another, including awards, participation recognition, and promotions within a ranking structure. We encourage continual activity (but by no means is it mandatory) by taking part in events as they occur. We enjoy taking part in a range of available activities, which are regularly monitored through various community discussion forums, and utilize a forum of our own. This has proven to be the backbone of our very existence, and have long ago realized that regular communication is the key to our survival.

Our Goal

First and foremost- we believe in having fun. Due to our background, and the online circumstances, there is a certain level of roleplay involved, which to the uninitiated, may seem rather over the top. In time and over time, it has become something of a necessity due to the nature of the gaming environment. Our success has been our somewhat conservative attitude- we have learned to look at matters from different points of view, and try not to be too judgmental with situations and other members of the community. While we may not be the most flamboyant, we've earned our place as an honorable and reliable member of the community. It is our intention to carry on this tradition indefinitely.
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# 2
12-12-2010, 01:23 PM
Two new members this morning from our friends in Europe. We are recruiting from all Time Zones!

Again, the fleet website is!
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# 3
12-13-2010, 03:22 PM
Unfortunately, our fleet website and forums are down for the moment. Our friends and webhosts at the Dynaverse (persistent multiplayer for SFC) seem to be having DNS issues with the server. It should be fixed within a day or two.

You can still request to join the fleet by mailing or /telling me @barihawk.
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# 4
12-13-2010, 06:13 PM
Greetings from 3rd Fleet.

The german 9th Fleet and their attached STO Community are known for stealing. You have my full support of this. God thanks we got our name reserved at the Start of STO, so we can call ourselves the orginal 3rd Fleet, and we got 3 Domains aswell.

So any other 3rd Fleet out there, you got pwned :p

We also have an embassy for allied fleets. So if you are interested, we would be more then happy to get into closer relations wth the 9th.

of course the orginal 9th
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# 5
12-13-2010, 07:20 PM
Our website has been re-established. Forums are also available.
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# 6
12-14-2010, 04:09 PM
A reminder that our ingame public channel is "9thFleet"

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