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It would be nice if these ships could be refitted with unique abilities and correct BO allocation.

The refits would be c-store/emblem obtainable. Available at RA 5 and above.

I think keeping the restriction to ensing skills only adds to the dynamic of having a small ship and using your wits and skill to win

The runabout in show has 4 seats up front
1 captain, 3 other positions
the danube class was refitted to contain an additional tac console(memory alpha)

1 helm(your toon)
2: tactical (ensign)
4: Universal(ensign)
so 3 BO slots

The flyer in show had:
1 helm(your toon)
2: tactical (ensign)
3: eng (ensign)
4: science (ensign)
so 3 BO slots

No as far as maybe special abilities perhaps the following

Danube-class Runabout

MIssion pods -(does mention this capabilty(Memory Alpha) and would explain the 2x universal BO slots
A mission pod would be that the ship can has a universal console slot that could use either tac/sci or eng consoles

Delta Flyer

Enhanced Weapon array - Aft weapon slot


Enhanced Aerodynamic tetraburnium hull - A fixed + 5 resistance to energy weapons


Additional Vector controlled impulse boosters - duration 30 seconds, cooldown 3 minutes increases impulse speed by 10%


Direct mind Control Headsets
- Decreases cooldowns on all BO/captain skills by 10%

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