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Strike Forces
A PvP additon Proposal

While open PvP may never be available in STO, the idea of waging full-on battles without level banding or lengthy queues is tempting.

There are three stages to a Strike Force, faction v. faction battle:
1) Inception: voting on the location, preparing for the day's match.
2) Execution: actual space battles
3) Completion: scoring compared on a rank/faction basis.
I. Inception:
  • Strike Forces occur once a day at set times, alternating time slots each day for various peak-play hours across the world.
  • Calendars can track schedule times for players (displaying it in GMT and local)
  • Players given one hour notice before a Strike Force begins
  • Players who have committed to play can vote on the location (from non-PVE versions of favorite maps)

II. Execution:
  • Strike Forces last an hour.
  • Late joins must travel to actual system.
  • No level banding (see mock-up for reasons why ganking is de-incentivized via scoring).

III. Completion:
  • Scoring:
    • Points are awarded based on kill's tier (i.e. Tier 1 is worth fewer points than tier 5). This de-incentivizes ganking.
    • Players are compared on a like-rank, like-faction basis on the Scoreboard (i.e. Lieutenants aren't directly competing against Vice Admirals for top-of-the-charts).
    • Top scorers and top factions in points get slight bonus to rewards.
  • Rewards:
    • PvP Currency
    • Accolades
    • Crafting Unlocks: specific universal gear or sets that promote unique roles (i.e. crowd control, power siphoning, AoE).


Any thoughts? suggestions? criticism?

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