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In the latest story from Cryptic (Mine Enemy) there were a few charactors (Romulan civilians as I recall) that were aparently thugs. There was no option... they were coded only as an "enemy". I tried to see if I could simply hit them. Some times a charactor will simply give up (turn to friendly).

Would it be possible to set phasers to stun, render the target unconscious and "restrained" (frankly tie them up and gag them if neccessary) so that they would not be of any further trouble ? IMHO this option would come in handy from time to time. In this particular mission it would have been a good alternative for some of us who do not do a lot of diplomatic missions but still some experience.

Note: I have a few points in the area of diplomacy but do not make it a focal point of my toons. IMHO this might be a viable option for those opportunities when we need to render a target incapacitated without killing it.

Also: IMHO this was unquestionably one of the better missions to date.

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