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Opfor Klingon Empire file 2745-23c
Briefing and Lectures KDF command college
Standard Lecture series, Holographic, and interactive
KDF Security classification: Non Sensitive

Subject: Ships types of the KDF general capabilities and uses.

Speaker is Khemaraa Iron Hand of the 69th Battle Squardon "Black Mist"

::begin transcript::

Ka'Pla warrior. You soon will be assigned command of a larger vessle the the B'rel Bird of Prey you currently command. During the later interactive portion of this lecture you will have the opportuity to ask question more in depth about specific ship and thier capabilities. For now I will present an over view on the various ship types starting today with the Bird of prey

The Bird of Prey class vessles you should by know have a familiarity of due to your current assignment. As they are the most numerous class in fleet service it is importantthat you understand thier role in the fleet, the best use of the vessle type.

Bird of prey are first and formost attack ships with superior manuverabilty and very strong alpha strike capabilities. At the same time this class also can be configured to nearly any role. Bird of Prey can serve in the roll of interdiction, patrol, survey, science, support, escort, assult, and battle line. The commander of such ship must be ready to reconfigure thier ship to the mission at hand. Birds of prey are not as capable in some of thier roles as a ship dedicated in design to a specific task but the needs of the empire are constantly changing and the flexibility of the Bird of prey coupled with its low building time, high level of automation, and low procurement cost and construction time fills the empire stratigic goals quite admiribly and has done so for several centuries.

A ship is a platform for projecting capabilities and there is no finer over all class in the galaxy then then the bird of prey for perfoming this over arcing mission. Without changing any of the ships equipment the bird of prey can reconfigure its self at the captains whim by the simple expedient of reconfiguring the ships bridge stations and shuffling bridge officers. This can even be done in the middle of a battle! Just a moments seperation from combat allows a Bird of Prey commander ample opportunity to react to the tactical situation by radically changing a Bird of Preys capabilities by a quick reassignment of bridge officers and shuffling of modulaer internal components. No other ship class of any fleet has this level of flexibility. The Bird of prey focuses like no other ship type the flexibility that is the trademark of the Klingon Warrior.

Which is the more powerfull tool? A squadron of 3 Neg'var require nearly 4000 warriors to man and crew. Now admittadly well over half that number qualify as marines, but say only 1000 were needed for minimal operations of those 3 ships. 1000 warriors could crew 20 of the new B'rel refits, and if all of the personell were availible as ships crew and entire battle fleet of 80 Birds of Prey could be thrown into battle. A Human leader from centuries in the past once said quantity has a quality all its own. Realisticly though a group of 24 refit B'rel for every 3 Neg'var would be a wonderfull thing, and with such a fleet the empire would utterly control the Alpha

But not all warriors are equal. Nor are all ships companies. All starships require support and for all the capabilities of the Bird of Prey type, she ship also comes with some very hefty penalties. First of all, the ship is small. The negative aspect of this is that small starship ton for ton cost much more to maintain. Also it simply cannot take as much punishment as a larger hull. Command of a Bird of prey requires more then any other ship a commander to recall the proverb "Only a fool fights in a burning house".

In combat the Bird of Prey functions more like an fighter craft then any other type. You must dart in, land an attack and clear away and you must do this many times to achive victory. The ship must dance in and out of combat minimizing its vulnerabilities while pressing its attack in such a way as to degrade a targets ability to fight. It is a small, very pointy and quick blade requiring a deft hand to use it at its best. Birds of prey should not pit strength against strength but pit strength against weakness. All ships have flaws which cannot be helped. The Bird of Prey is specialized towards forward fire power, manuverability, and flexibility. It requires the same of its captain
and crew. Very few captains ever master what the Bird of Prey is capable of. Most only on occasion manage to use the ship brillianty. Learn the flaws of opposing ships and use you ship as a tool to exploit to flaws while keeping a mind to your own commands flaws.

This Holo program will now access your ships battle log for a review of recent action by your command and provide suggestion that might have improved your performace through a more flexible approch to star ship combat and an appreciation of the capabilities of your ship.

::end transcript::
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03-01-2011, 06:05 AM
Qa'Pla! excellent post.
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03-01-2011, 09:43 AM
Well done. While I had my mind dead set on a running a cruiser healboat (if I ever get to LG), you do have me now at least considering an alternative. I look forward to a possible continuation of the series.

Quack whatever Roach said.

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