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# 1 Returning Player LFF
03-08-2011, 04:53 PM
I am a returning player looking for a fleet. I live in the EST and work midnights, I am looking for a active laidback fleet. I do have voicechat programs but will not be able to use them if at work, however on off nights, I will be able to use them.

I need to be recustomed to the new content and help with escort class so I can be guided to the best direction of fleet needs.

best way to contact me is through this forum post or aim: Sephtl

thank you once again,

IN-Game Name: Kronas
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# 2 Join us....
03-08-2011, 05:40 PM
The Vulcan Exploration Fleet is a growing Fleet in STO. We are seeking at this time individuals who are seek to explore the unknown realms of deep space. STO has continued to say that they will be makeing exploration more explorable. At this stage, they are doing a great job. Our Fleet will delve into this exploration once STO makes more changes in the near future to Sector space and Nebula clusters. Also, with the Foundry coming this month our Fleet will be ready to crank out missions for our Fleet and those who wish to exlplore them. Sepir, one of our members is a great RP and has done some good work in this area. Her talents in RP will easily cross over into the Foundry.

At this time we are seeking all species. We accept all game styles of playing. Their is room here in this Fleet to expand your imagination to the next level. Begin your journey with us!

Our ranking system is not complicated or so broad to not understand were you are in this Fleet. It is simple. You will be rank as you are presently are in STO. If you are new to STO, we will help you progress to your desired level and will supply you with material and weapons so you can defend your self when hostilities break out. If you need specialized crafted weapons, we can do it!

So come and let your level of exploring go to the next level, The Vulcan Explploration Fleet {VEF}.
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# 3
03-08-2011, 06:11 PM
Sounds like you are looking for us.

We are a newly formed fleet (a little over a month) but have already ran 5 events or more. We have no silly rules or complex ranking structure. You determine your involvment in the fleet member or officer. We are just a group of people that like to focus on playing the game together, running stf's regulary as well as other missions together. We have members of all ranks and there will be someone there to help you along the way, as well as someone that you can probably help as well.

Our website is

You can apply there (no screening process, just one way that we can send you ingame invite)
James Goetz@goetzjam

Or search for us Expendables

I appreciate you reading this and I am sure you will fit right in.

PS Its not required to have a drink in one hand while playing, but some of us do!
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# 4
03-09-2011, 12:55 AM
Hi RevelationTL,
Please take a look at 3rd Fleet. We are a large international fleet which gives us an "always on" feeling. So, no matter where you are or when you are playing, expect so find fleet-mates around you. With so many members we have to be active else we wouldn't keep them for long but also this means there is lots of ad hoc teaming to be had.

I'd say we're only really serious about 2 things: Fun and Respect. Fun because if we weren't having fun there would be no reason to stick together. Respect because we don't want anyone feeling abused or put down (this isn't about rank and hierarchy but mutual respect).

We have a TS3 server but it's use is not mandated although everyone admits it makes STDF's and fleet actions a lot easier. It's up to the individual. (Mind you if I could play at work, there'd be a big risk of not getting much work done LOL).

We have a good forum too - with lots of posts about favoured load-outs and specs. And even more people standing ready to offer their opinion.

Check us out at
Or see our recruitment video:
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# 5
03-09-2011, 04:46 AM

Glad to here you are Rejoining STO. There have been many Great improvements over the last year. And I fully recommend you join a strong stable fleet.

Federation Fleet was formed before STO went into closed beta and has stood the test of time. We have about everything there is to offer from a fleet in a Fun, Fair, and above all, Friendly environment. Feel free to check out our web site at . Or find one of my fellow fleet mates in game and take a run or two with us. We would be glad to help were we can and show you around all the changes to STO.

And do take a look at 3rd Fleet, They are an allied fleet to Federation Fleet, and are a good group of people as well.

Above all, Enjoy.
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# 6 Thank you all
03-09-2011, 04:52 AM
Thank you all for taking the time to respond to my post. I will be certain to gain more knowledge about your individual fleets and make an informed decision based on what I have gathered.
You will be hearing from me soon,

Thanks again,

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# 7
03-09-2011, 04:59 AM
Any time. Always here to help.
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If you are still deciding on a fleet, The 48th Defense Fleet, The Warpigs would be happy to have you with us.

We are a small but growing, laid back group of players who all love Star Trek and playing STO. We are primarily a PvE casual fleet that enjoys teaming up and working together whether it be a mission, a daily or an STF and have lots of fun doing it. We take pride in assisting newcomers to both STO and the Fleet learn the game and level in order to participate in and be successful at STFs which we organize on a weekly basis. We are constantly working on becoming better STO players, are always improving ourselves on our teamwork and cooperation but most importantly always making sure we are having a good time.

For more information about us, please see the FAQs on our website (you can click the link in my signature below). You can also visit our forums at Any other questions please feel free to message me.

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