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Good morning, everyone!

The time has come again: Let's start asking questions for another Ask Cryptic! Please post your questions below, and DStahl will answer as many of your questions as he can.

Please remember that questions will not be answered in this thread. Your questions will be used in an upcoming Ask Cryptic Web Feature, and the answers will be posted once that article is published.

Thanks everyone!
*sits down with pen and paper and starts reading questions*
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# 2
03-21-2011, 10:58 AM
Are there any intentions of making ground pvp first person shooter like star trek elite force

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# 3
03-21-2011, 10:58 AM
1. what is the ETA for voice chat in game? will their be special hailing UI?

2. The Reman BO has not been reclaimable, are we going to see a fix (Captain "AL" Gecko) and extension of the period to get him?

3. When will we see more BO slots for the higher Admiral ranks (that are way overdue and should be more than 2 more like 5 for the Admirals staff, this should of been part of the "crew system" but i have not heard anything about it), and when will we be able to purchase them account wide?

4. When will we see player and away teams become larger than 5?

5. When will we see STF converted to Fleet Actions (Star Base 24 Style)? = might help with content drought

6. How close is the Foundry to going LIVE?(march28 still expected)

7. Revamp to orbital strike and give it some teeth like in the last Romulan featured episode (cause it currently is orbital sunburn)?

8. Is the new ground combat going to have a cover system (it needs one)?

9. Galaxy X turn rate increase to the Galaxy R and needs battle cloak (expensive ship that can not turn)?

10. When will we see all COM badges work with all uniforms?

11. Since the playable 1st officer promotable Captain has been pushed back will we see uniform customization any earlier for specialty BOs?
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# 4
03-21-2011, 10:59 AM
How's the T5 Constitution Refit-Refit that was in a recent engineering report doing?

Will there ever be a way to purchase "Ship Slots" and "Costume Slots" in game with say 1Mil EC or so?
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# 5
03-21-2011, 11:01 AM
Oh i got another one.

The pre - order bonus items not in the c-store at the moment is there any plans to add them in the future
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# 6
03-21-2011, 11:05 AM
The Foundry was originally going to be called a Beta Release when you moved it to the Foundry. Since then we have had numerous delays and push backs to make it ready for Holodeck. Meanwhile people are able to use the Foundry on tribble and make great missions however they will have to redo their work when it is released to holodeck. Has the idea of releasing the Foundry to holodeck as a Beta changed? What does the end Non beta release look like?
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# 7
03-21-2011, 11:07 AM
Will anything be done to make certain weapon secondary effects (namely tetryon, plasma, polaron, and transphasic) less useless?
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# 8
03-21-2011, 11:10 AM
In the last engineering report it was mentioned that the plan was to do about 9 Featured episodes a year but it would require additional resources to accomplish.
Can you give us any updated details on this?
Will you be able to get the needed resources?
We are already coming up on April how many FE’s could we see in 2011?

Are you able to disclose any details on any upcoming series?
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# 9
03-21-2011, 11:22 AM
My list of questions:

1a. Will there ever be a function to realistically "refit" a player ship, without having to buy a "Vice Admiral Variant" of each ship?
1b. Will the Akira ever get a proper refit to work alongside ships like the Sovereign and Defiant? It's special function could be launching fighters, or being able to fire torpedo spreads more often (due to amount of torpedo tubes)
1c. Will players eventually be able to craft their own ships, much like the current Delta Flyer-type missions are done?
1d. Will it be possible to make lower tier ships comparable to work on "endgame", and purchaseable at a relative cost? I.e smaller ships are cheaper to buy (less emblems).
1e. Any chance ships can be made purchaseable or upgradeably by use of Starfleet Merits instead of always relying on Emblems? Seems to make more sense to use the Merits you've earned during your "Starfleet career" in order to requisition a new ship. Once you got your BOff skills and named your ships, there is currently little use of Merits.

2a. When will player interiors/bridges get their proper sizes? Having large shuttlebays or cargobays, I don't mind. But I don't wanna run down corridors that are 30 feet to the ceiling, with about the same width.
2b. When will we get canon-sized, and canon-looking player bridges? Many of the bridges currently ingame are "similar" to canon, but grossly oversized and some need some serious fixing to make it look more like it should.

3a. What attempts are being made to make more "endgame" content, that doesn't rely on having to repeat it over and over? I.e not PVP rounds, or Daily missions.
3b. Fleet Actions are an excellent part of the game. Can they perhaps be retrofitted to function more like the STFs in that they reward gear at the end, as well as a "scaling currency" (Emblems at max level) ? The fleet actions could then function as STO's equivalent to "Dungeons", with the STFs functioning as "Raid" content. At max level, completing a Fleet Action "dungeon" could reward Emblems on your first runthrough, and additional merits/BO skillpoints on further runs during the same day.

4a. What are the chances to modify the way Bridge Officer skills work, and possibly replacing it with individual "Kits" instead?
4b. When will more kits/skills be made available, and will Science/Engineer visuals be updated to look "better" ? The Tactical Kits all look pretty well done, and Science is "decent". The Engineer kits however all look horrible, and should be redesigned.

5a. When will the currency system be revamped, to make Energy Credits more useful?
5b. When will the "1st Order, 2nd Order etc" type badges be removed and replaced to scale according to level?

6a. Is there any work being done, to revamp the game UI to reflect a more "LCARS-style" layout for the Federation, and a similarly designed system for the Klingon Empire?
6b. Any work being done to make the UI more "accessable" ? I feel alot of the much needed features are currently hidden away under the little arrow button next to the minimap. When Champions Online went Free-to-Play, it received a MUCH needed UI revamp. Even if STO doesn't go F2P, the UI could use some overhauling.
6c. Are there any plans to revamp the current "Action Bar" layout, to make full use of the 12-button bar style in use in other MMOs?
6d. Will you ever make a bar-layout that allows full usage of power slots (layout 3) and to include the Bridge Officer bar ALSO?

7a. Will there ever be a system of "Random events" in the game, where you get hailed by Starfleet/High Council, and requested to head for a specific system? For example, have a Random Event where the Borg are attacking a key planet within the Sirius Sector Block, a sector-wide announcement could be made requesting you join up with fellow Starfleet ships, to engage and defeat the Borg. (Note: Getting hailed, should not be the same as current where the Player hails, to pickup mission. Starfleet/Klingon High Council should contact YOU)
7b. Using the above as an example, Would it be possible to make missions that allows the players to decide if they wanna use a diplomatic approach to a situation, or a combat approach? Starfleet is more inclined towards diplomacy, and rarely engages in combat unless necessary.

8. When will proper Admiral-variant uniforms be released for all canon Uniform Packs? (at NO ADDITIONAL COST)


With the obvious long duration wait between Season 3 and Season 4, any plans to release "some" of the current Season 4 content before the rest of Season 4? Ground combat revamp, Duty Officer revamp, additional content etc. Having to wait an additional 4 months (from now) to get ANY of this, will just drive more people away. The game needs more to do -right now-. Not 4 months from now.
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# 10
03-21-2011, 11:08 AM
In the engineering report you mentioned looking into the possibility of letting assign away team powers to hot keys easier access to them.

Have you also considered adding in additional keybinding features that would allow us to make keybind commands to more directly control the officers, e.g. Mastermind keybinds like in CoV where I could set up keybind commands for either specific or 'groups' of minions to attack my target, go to location, passive or agressive stance, etc.

This is a feature I have been dreaming of ever since STo was launched and personally would find it extremely useful even if I didnt have access their specific abilities.
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