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# 1 Tytania-esque RP
03-24-2011, 10:26 PM
I was't completely positive on where to post this since it's several different elements involved...

I normally pvp, but have gotten pretty bored with it, so I plan to start rping.

Now I'm not really looking to be doing the rank and file that I see in a lot of rp, because to be honest it's pretty much like work to me, and I play because it's not work.

I'm looking to rp something similar to this

now obviously with the klingon house system, it lends itself to something like this, however I feel the options and the look of 'ornate' design rather than purely effective design as well as clothe options of the federation to be the more appropriate choice (but maybe both could be included)

In short I'm looking for people that are interested in developing this rp with me (despite it being a st world) and also for people to rp with in general. Could incorporate the st world maybe, but for the most part I just want this to be fun

Fun being the key word. So if anyone is interested I'd like to trade ideas and start working on ship/character back stories ^^

Thank in advance and thank you for your attention,

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