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# 1 Costume color options
03-25-2011, 02:07 PM
Iíd really like to see more color options for costumes and for the limitation on some parts to to be opened up as well. Like the ambassador top that has to stay carnival cruise white, or the gold bits on the 200 day vet top that have to stay gold. Also while looking at the options for the new tos pack I noticed that the shirt with the gold frilly bits has access to a gold that you canít get on any other shirt.

you can see what iím taking about if you go to the tailor and scroll to the 200 day vet top and as long as you donít click on it it will replace the gold color bits with whatever color you currently have on. with the brighter gold on the new tos top you can click on it and the scroll over other options and see how much brighter it is then what you can get on other outfits.

iíd really like to see more color options with greater levels of saturation and an option to choose how strong the sheen/specular highlights are on the different parts like what you can do in champions. this might also help with getting different tops to work with different bottoms some times its not that the color that's off its how shiny it is.


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