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I just tried an episode with the Nausicaan interior set from the mission "War is Good for Business". I placed a few enemy groups in there, six crates to interact with and a boss spawn which is supposed to spawn right after the last room has been reached.

All the code works nicely, but the away team starts getting stuck after going down the first ramp. Some jump up to a place where they can never get down anymore. The same happens with the enemies. They spawn correctly, they shoot at you correctly, but then all of a sudden, some enemies get drawn 50 meters away from the place they had just stood at. The same with the away team. They fight the enemies all at the same location of the map.

Of course it's not nice having to fight the boss spawn all by yourself, having the away team stuck more than 100 meters behind, fighting possible new enemies that have disappeared in previous fights.

Do some of you experience the same thing? Also on this map or also on other maps? I am talking about published plays with a real character, not with that dummy Ensign character and the security team in the Foundry test zone.

~ Eris The Vorta
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# 2
03-26-2011, 03:40 PM
I've been experiencing similar problems, on some maps the enemies actually get sucked up above the ceiling. You can still fight and kill them and sometimes they will eventually come down. I have been having to force my boffs to fight with the target my target icon. Kinda annoying Really started to get mad when a phantasm kept going in the ceiling when about 20% and coming back down full health lol. And i've had it happen on both tribble and holodeck recently. i guess since the last patch.

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# 3
03-26-2011, 11:29 PM
Yeah, in the Infected (Training) mission sumtimes it happens, too. Sum of the Borg drones get sucked above the ceiling, you can still fight them. However, it only happens in Rebecca's room.
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# 4 About the borg
03-27-2011, 01:03 AM
There is lot not right with those mindless drones.
No offense seven,
But here I made a list.

1. The don't work even with jobs enabled
2. They jump Borg can not jump because of their own weight i guess.
3. The shoot !!! Maybe being apart from the hive mind they will do that to protect themselves.
4. They say its been repaired but they still assimilate someone at 50 M .

And I don't see foundry going like it is now to the holodeck or they use other feature off it not sure .
But I'll keep my breath I hope there are no bugs.

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# 5
03-27-2011, 01:20 AM
I don't even know what jobs mean in the foundry, so I don't use them. Wander works on ground, but not on space (they stand still even when wander is enabled). Weight ... of what? I finally managed to have the Borg ships use the warp-in effect, butt sumtimes it's repeating over and over.
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# 7 Settings
03-27-2011, 01:48 AM
My settings :

Wander enabled

I put it all out to the max except for Idle and speed.

Space speed = 15
Ground Speed = 10
Path Notes Space To the max except don't do this on enemy's they wonder off to far and can get stuck
Path Notes Ground Also be careful to let them to use to many notes
Wonder Distance Space = 10
Wonder Distance Ground = 80 for friendly and enemy just keep 20
Enable Jobs Space ? That's nice if you are using freighters they move in and out, don't ask me how to scan freighters I have no idea. Also if you use freigters set distance to max.
Enable Jobs Ground ? It is said if they wonder around and the job weight is at an high level and they pass by an console they really want to use the console. But that's a bit strange one time they do another time they don't.
In space you can use them on freigthers Not sure what ships do for jobs I have no idea at all.

There is an science tread somewhere on this forum about this ..
O one more thing Wonder and jobs thing and chat only works in play mode after publish.....
If you withdraw the mission the wonder thing is off very annoying . I know so if you want to see them move put on publish report Testing Stage before publish, you can see what they do if you don't like it tab withdraw to make changes....


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