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Greetings lifeforms,
I have recently completed work on the Holodeck Version of The Regula Incident. It’s been updated with new mission features, new content, new characters, and a new ending. Give the synopses a read, and give the mission a try. It might just strike a creative spark in you…

The Regula Incident – Version 3.0 – An old secret comes back to haunt the Federation, only this time, it could mean it’s destruction. A dissident group of Romulans, hell bent on restoring what was lost, and their leader, the granddaughter of one of Starfleet’s worst enemies, as they try to control this secret desperately sought by the Federation to renew life amongst it’s worlds ravaged by war.

**Updated story line, enemies, allies, waypoints, and dialogue.
Lt. Commander
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04-01-2011, 02:28 PM
More than welcome to add it to my list

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