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Hi again all,

Thank you everyone for playing (and for the most part, enjoying) the first 3 parts of the series! The feedback has cleaned up a few things in those missions and I continue to take a look and see if those can be made even smoother. That said, I present the 4th part of the series! Everything ties up to the final confrontation. Defeat Sobek first, or stop the thalaron device?

As always, I'd appreciate any reviews to elevate Part 4 to authored status:

Title: The Gemini Effect, Part 4

As a side note, I really do appreciate those who look into the missions and give constructive feedback. I also find pleasure in seeing many of you enjoy the missions. Working with the Foundry is tedious at times, daunting in other times, and as other authors have mentioned, hours of work only come out to about half an hour of play. But it's in the finishing of a mission and having someone be entertained by it that makes the experience worthwhile.

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