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just noticed the pricetags have changed for accounts, not exactly sure what it was before, but i am 100% sure it wasn't as perfectly lined up as it is now
and that it was less...

5,00 EUR Atari Tokens Bundle - 500
10,00 EUR Atari Tokens Bundle - 1000
15,00 EUR Atari Tokens Bundle - 1500
20,00 EUR Atari Tokens Bundle - 2000
50,00 EUR Atari Tokens Bundle - 5000

50,00 = 74,21 US$

does that line up with the US pricetags?

and i am pretty sure there will be +19% TAX to the 50,00 on top of that (for Gernany).
so that would be 59,50 = 88,31 US$ for me?

so 5000 points = 88 $ for me ?!

//apropriate amount of rage incomming:

so it's $88 for FOUR Ships? WOW... (you seriously want to tell me that this does not tick off possible new customers that check out the game, demo and store?)

...you know in Forza 3 i get 10 licensed and highly detailed Cars (there is a cigarette lighter marking in the cockpit even though you never see that ingame, only in photo mode [Example 1] [Example 2]) with unique Handling that should be appropriate to the RL car (surely more work then to decide if the Excelsior should have a thrid TAC slot or not...) in any of the multiple DLC Car-Packs for only 400 MS Points (which is arround $5 again).

So that is roughly 50 cent per car.

Think about that for a moment!

10 Cars for 5 bucks vs. 4 Ships for 80+ bucks...?


//end appropriate ammount of rage

In any case @Cryptic: how about you give us 400 and 600 point purchase options, you seem to like the numbers 600 + 1200 a lot. It makes no sense at all to allow me to buy 1000 or 2x 500 but realy to want 100 more from me to begin with...

Also there is a 400 point option on the Atari and TDU2 homepages and the Atari Tokens are account wide... so over there i can buy 3x 400 and have the 1200 points that i need for one ship in STO, all i ask is that i do not need to go to the TDU2 page to buy my points for STO ((including giving paypal money for 3 transactions, instead of one)...

so uhm... B2T somebody plz copy & paste the current $ pricetags so i can compare those...
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# 2
04-29-2011, 03:23 AM
US cost for tokens are $0.0125 per token for all blocks. So 500 tokens at that price would be $6.25
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# 3
04-29-2011, 03:42 AM
so that is 62,50 for 5000 instead of 74,21

ok... why do i have to pay more?

and then TAX increase on top of it AFTER pressing the button?
or did that change without notice since the last time i bought Tokens? (hmm the math would actually add up 62,50 x +19% = 74,375).

ok... let's try that with 2000 points...

pay pal says:
Summe Warenwert: 20,00
Steuer: 3,80

Betrag: 23,80 EUR
yepp +19% TAX (3,80) is added AFTER i click the button.

can it be that Atari added the TAX that i have to pay themself AND PayPal add's it a second time?

//i just fired out a Account / Billing Ticket so that they will take a look at this.

thinking about this... i just bought the Life Time Account while it was on the 20% sale and PayPal added 19% taxes... i wonder if the subscription options are affected by this aswell.
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# 4
04-29-2011, 04:49 AM
Use a Debit Card without Paypal
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# 5
04-29-2011, 04:59 AM
do not have, do not want
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# 6
04-29-2011, 07:19 AM
you can always go with a prepaid debit card. you cangettehm anywhere. I use one from walmart (only cost me 3 dollars plus any ammount i put on the card) for transactions that i dont quite trusat yet with my regular credit cards. and its usable imediatly after activating it. also since my wife and i travel quite often its a convient way to send money to each other fast if needed.
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04-29-2011, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
do not have, do not want
Then pay the PayPal tax, it has nothing to do with STO...
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