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# 1 The Reality of Myth
05-20-2011, 03:13 AM
OK, it took me a month, and 4 total rewrites.. Not to mention I had to invent tricks and force the Foundy under pain of death in order to get the effect I wanted.. But my First mission is done.

The Reality of Myth

I tried to do something different.. I'm not just talking a little different, I'm saying weird, strange, disturbing, and sometimes just plain wacky and yes you will roll your eyes at some parts (hopefully at the parts I hope).

They'll be some spelling errors and some grammar prolly here and there. Honestly I just go so burnt out on this first episode I had to get it done.. So it may burp up a weird thing here and there, just let me know and I'll fix it in a re-release along with any other suggestions etc..

I'm just eager to start on Part 2... Unless everyone totally hates it so much then I'll make "Kill 4 enemies and get a prize" mission..

OH, lots of talking, little action (one big "Holy Cow" moment) and lots of setup for the next in the series. So if you want lots and lots of space battles, this isn't for you.. The next one may be though..

Thanks again! and please, Be kind.. lol

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