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Well, it wasn't today, thank goodness, but there was a day when I thought the limit of the description offered by Cryptic on items was simply the hover over item tooltip. Its good, but its often not great. Sometimes, its nice to get more information than you need, if only for immersion and once its not overwhelming, it can cause you to think more about the item, and how you might use it.

For example, we must right click the item and select info. Now, I can't recall exactly being ever informed this by a starter tutorial, so it might slip the mind of someone, consider we often do not right click objects in this game at all to apply them or make use of them.

As a suggestion, if the developers do not wish to have the Info tooltip as the main tooltip for item over hovering, can I please suggest that it instead be added to an optional keybind for the user.

For example, if I could say Alt-hover over items and show the info tooltip instead, it would be my preference. Right now, the fact that the Inf tooltip portion functions like Windows Vista/7 User Access Control promt is rather annoying. My entire game stops, or is blocked out from me, until I deal with the info window. Its very restrictive in my opinion.

My question to the developers, and to the community, is that with season 4 ground combat changes in the works, surely it follows suit that people will be in need of the info on the redesigned weapons from the get go, and it would be a nice LITTLE UI IMPORVEMENT to implement this now in preparation for the big day going forward.

Please give us an option to set Alt-Hover over item to show info.

Thank you, what do you folks think?

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