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I use the branching dialogue often, but it still eventually leads to a linear story line no matter what happens. Is there any way to branch the storyline like you can with dialogue?

Right now I can offer Neo both the red pill and the blue pill. But ultimately, he must choose the red pill. Even if he selects the blue pill, he will have to repeat the branching dialogue until he selects the red one. Or his next mission objective will be the same regardless of what choice he makes - both pills will lead down the rabbit hole.

I don't see a way to do that - it seems all I can do is go in a straight line from one objective to the next. I can work around it a little bit by using NPC groups or contexts that aren't tied to a mission objective. You could in essence choose to talk to or battle them, but it isn't the same and the players still end up at whatever the next objective in the storyline is.

I don't see a way to mark an objective, or a set of objectives, in a storyline as "optional" or "conditional".

Also, in a lot of cryptic missions there are multiple objectives going on at once. For example in The Cure you have the mission to free the Klingon captives and the mission to collect the genetic samples "live" at the same time. Let's say I had an overall map mission of "investigate a murder" and I wanted the player to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and analyze objects around the crime scene. While the player is running around the map, can he have all 3 of these objectives "live" at the same time? All I can figure out is gather ALL the evidence, then you can talk to ALL the witnesses, then you can analyze ALL the objects. You can't talk to 1 of 5 witnesses, then find 1 of 3 pieces of evidence, then analyze 1 or 8 objects from the crime scene. Is there a way to do that I'm missing?
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06-04-2011, 09:39 AM
Try this:

Make a huge area reach marker start invisible.

Put down 5 NPCs with dialogs.
Put down 8 things to "analize" (interact).
Put down 3 things to "collect" (Interact).

The Reach marker goes Visible if 8+3 things interacted, 5 NPC dialogs finished.

Then make a mission objective "Solve myster by collecting evidence, analizing objects and questioning witnesses." and attach it to the reach marker.
Alternatively, you can use a NPC or a console which spawns up, or become accessable after you are done with everything instead of the reach marker.

When you are done with everything, the reach marker goes online and advances the story.

You can even do an Fail ending if you use the "timer hack" good enough. If the timer goes off, then the suspect escaped.

Make a "Present evidence to captain." story element. Put down a reach marker around the captain NPC or something to make the player go to the captain.

Put down 2 hidden interact objects (like stones or something) under the captain.
One goes visible if the collect evidence part is done and goes invisible if the timer hit. This is the success branch.
The other starts invisible and goes visible if the timer hits and the evidence is collected. This is the fail branch.

Both are called "Present evidence" and only one or none of them is active at any given time.
So go there, present the evidence and the captain tells you that
- "Good work, I will send my guys to get the killer"
- "Good work, but the killer has just left the ship/station with a warp capable ship. We won't be able to get him now.

Then add an objective to interact with something or go somewhere to beam off/shuttle off which will signal the end of the mission.

This is just one way of many more to make a pretty dinamic mission. I admit that going down this path requires some nifty story telling to make sure the player doesn't get confused about what to do.
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06-06-2011, 04:12 PM
I have the same question and am still not seeing how to do this.

My new project begins with the Captian having to make a critical decision, does he risk everything to save an unknown laien ship from certain death inside a subspace annomaly or jsut see to his own ship.

I was originally just going to lead the player to sve the ship but then decided I wnated to break the linear bold and make it a real life and death choice with consequences.

What I want to do is to have 2 choices:
A) save the ship which leads to a very freindly first contact situation and the mission continues on to the race's homeworld
B) The player doesnt' save the ship but still has first contact with the new species only now they are suspicous and not so open.

Is this even possible?

Later in the misison I wnat to have a decision where the captain has to choose wheather to help the new species stop an aggressor using subspace weapons. If the captain chooses not to get involved the mission should end.
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06-06-2011, 04:39 PM
I just put up a thread to this here with a tutorial


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