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Hi all,

My current tactical officer is a KDF Nausicaan Captain Nurniv, his ground skills are currently:-

Assault Training 7
Close Combat 3
Security 3
Soldier 7
Firearms 7
Tactics 7

Tactical Leader 7
Engineer Leader 5
Science Leader 5

Away Team is comprised of the following officers

Tactical - Nausicaan
Target Optics I, Overwatch I, Focus Fire I, Lunge III

Science - Nausicaan
Tachyon Harmonic II, Tricorder Scan II, Gravametric Shift I, Vascular Regen II

Medical - Nausicaan
Medical Tricorder I, Vascular Regeneration II, Melorazine II, Dylovene II

Engineer - Borg
Weapons Malfunction II, Shield Recharge I, Power to Shields III, Shield Generator II

The engineer and medic have gear to help with shield regen, and health regen. I want to keep them in the fight to ensure I get my shield and health heals. Not sure if they stack with the borg nanite passive. The others have recoil compesating armor and either shields with [Rev] or [PbKB]. Most of the away teams weapons consist of Disruptor Split Beams, not sure if I am going to go for more Crit Severity or Knockback. The others have pulse beam rifles, not sure if these are the best expose weapons.

Trying to maximise expose skills, on all officers. This is so I can make use of the Pirate +30% exploit damage, coupled with high crit severity. I think the highest crit to date was 2 000, I vaporized a Breen Thot in one hit.

I know a lot of people are just going to say putting points in ground skills are pointless, hopefully that will change dramatically with the ground combat revamp .. Just need some advice about some of the skills for the away team. If I should replace the science boff with another tactical etc

Having a lot of fun with this tactical toon at the moment. Seeing a bunch of Breen charge at you, all get exposed then vaporized, including the shielded toon is awesome. I want to tweak this group so I can do the harder difficulty ground content.

I am hoping to go for a single target nuker with this tactical officer in endgame STFs. Is the Siege Destroyer worth flying? i might endup replacing the Nausicaan Medic, with a Borg Science boff from the accolade.

Also looking for an active KDF fleet

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