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# 1 Terror In the Patch...
06-19-2011, 01:03 AM
Ships are being lost in the Briar Patch. Only a well train crew can figure out what happen.

Chapter 1: Starfleet 2411 mission (released) Suspense and Mystery story

Starfleet has sent you to find out what happen to the SS Belmont. Admiral Quinn's son a Anthropologist researching ancient Earth relics has gone missing while on a mission with a group of Vulcan scientists. Only you can find them.

Chapter 2: Klingon 2411 mission (released) Action/Thriller story

The Klingon High command wants to send a brave warrior to learn about Klingon ships that have been lost in the Briar patch recently. Is there some secret Starfleet operation going on there? Only you can find out.

Chapter 3: Starfleet TOS mission (2270) (released) Adventure Story

Starfleet is now a century old and has constructed a new fleet of Constiution classes to explore and secure the region of Federation space. Your crew is sent to explore the deep reaches of space. What will you discover?

Chapter 4: Klingon 2411 mission continues (released) Action/Thriller story

After the first day of work in the Briar Patch, your commander has sent you to destroy a Ferengi supply base deep in the Briar Patch. Will you destroy your empire's enemies?

Chapter 5: Starfleet TOS mission (2270) (released) Adventure Story

The party is over, and now the real work begins. You have discovered an interesting phenomenon in the Briar Patch. How did this happen. Where did the mysterious vessel come from?

Chapter 6: Starfleet Enterprise Era (2155) (To be released soon) Adventure Story

You are in a new NX class starship built by the new Starfleet. You have been sent to the deep reaches of space to explore an area that pirates call the Briar Patch. What will you find there?

Special notes:

This story is designed to be played by roleplayers. The story is designed to allow for people to run dialog scenes around the main plot of the story. Also, all the chapters are intermixed to run together to make one mosaic. Although each chapter in themselves can be played seperately, you will never understand the story until you play all the parts together.

The story is deliberately designed so that each piece is at different lengths and difficulties. This is to prevent people from habituating to the stories.

Also, the story is intercut into 28 chapters. You cannot play 1 to 5 stories and figure it all out. This story is designed for people that have read a book that has more than 25 chapters.

The story does not use exposition and leaves it to the player to figure out the complexity of the story. Some of the episodes are split and designed for specific characters (female or male). SO a male character can play one story arc and it is tailored for him, where as a female character can play her story arc and it is tailored for her.

Note: If you do not have the ability to seperate out a player from a character, then this story is not for you.

This story also introduces dice rolling into the game. So some dialogues will lead you one way or another. This allows for teams of 2 or more people to play the story and work together to overcome task in the chapters.

The combat is designed so that people have to sit down and plan out what they want to do. Some combat is easy other combat is hard. In all the combat is designed to be entertaining with the story. However, the story is primary while the combat is a dramatic part of the story.

Recommended ages is 25 age or older.

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