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# 1 "Shards of the Mirror"
06-28-2011, 12:48 AM

"Shards of the Mirror"
A Foundry Mission by Hunter Bahamut
Project ID: ST-HMVJF6Q6B

"You have been called into the Chapel System in the Kalandra Sector to help the U.S.S. Rubicon search for any anomalies that the Terran Federation might be using to enter our world.

However, as you investigate you soon discover that there is a potential ally in the chaos, but they will need your help to survive."


This is my second Foundry mission, so I hope that it will play better and be a lot of fun for everyone.
Enjoy everyone!

Known Issues:

-Shooting through walls and objects: I don't know how to fix this bug, so be mindful when in fire fights.
-Away Team getting stuck on walls and objects: One of the maps I use has this issue, so keep an eye on your away team.
-UFP logos - The maps I used do have some United Federation of Planets logos, which is a little odd but unfortunately I don't have a way of fixing it.

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