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# 1 =^= Axis of AnArchy =^=
06-30-2011, 06:07 PM
The Axis of AnArchy has been here since launch and we are seeking eager new recruits for Roleplay and Non-Roleplay.

We are NooB/Newb friendly, and are very helpful in helping you to learn the basics, as well as some of the finer points of the game and it' community.

We have an in-game chat channel dedicated to bringing us and all of our allied fleets together in order to boost each other's numbers.

We do not require STF knowledge, or the running of STF's on any basis, however some of our fleet allies will offer assistance with completing STF's.

We offer access to an unlimited slot TeamSpeak3 Server for Voice Chat, until Vivox comes to STO's Live Server.
It contains a Axis Lobby for general chatting, an Off-Duty channel for chatting involving the game specifically, and a few On-Duty channels for chatting when actually running missions together.

We also have a Fleet Website.
The site contains, among other things, a Live stream of the Fleet's Twitter that any member of the site can tweet to directly from the site.
This a direct line to each other, and myself as I have my cellphone subscribed to the Fleet Twitter, out-of-game.
Our site also contains a Forum, a Member Editable Wiki, PvP tracking section, and a nice "Kill-On-Site" feature for posting Rewards for off'ing certain players.
The KOS feature is to be used for Official Fleet Contests in which you are to hunt down and defeat certain WILLING players, and IS NOT to be used as a method of exacting revenge, or any other malicious activities.
Any improper use of the KOS Feature will result in IMMEDIATE expulsion and banning from the Axis Fleet, including the Fleet Website, and the Fleet TS3 Server.

Also, our leader, myself, creates weekly missions for members in the fleet level 41+ to run through that we call "Fleet MIssions".
Each officer level 41+ is required to run through each Fleet Mission, each week and leave a review afterwards as proof for running it to the rest of the fleet.
Anyone below level 41+ must simply login oncer per week, or message us on the Officer Activiy Forum on our website, Fleet Twitter, via an in-game email, or emailing/calling me directly.

If you're looking for a fun first fleet to join with a plethora of options and activities, then you're looking for the Axis of AnArchy.
PM me in-game @Xavier_Q
You may also post a message here or apply to our fleet via the website at and we'll add you immediately.
Only very basic questions are on the Fleet Website Application such as Toon Name & Career.
We look forward to recruiting YOU today!

XQ, out.

P.S. Have FUN!

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