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I'm coming back to the game after being gone for a while and with season 4 I'm going to start a new character from scratch, An Engineer in an escort. Ultimately I'd like to level him up to fly a MVAE. I almost always fly with the power settings maxed towards weapons, dual heavy cannons + one torpedo launcher up front & turrets in the back.
I used up all my points in space, none on the ground, but so far that doesn't seem to matter. I'm not interested in PvP, but I did play "Starbase 24" and that was cool. So more team play, probably joining a fleet, but mostly PvE in my future.
I'd like some advise on polishing my build. The MVAE has a LTCmdr Sci slot, instead of LT. I'm not sure what to put in for Sci powers. Also, for my Cmdr Tac, should I run Cannon Rapid Fire III or Attack Pattern Omega III?
What do you guys think?

edited to add. If I'm going to ask you for advise on my build I should probably include it-

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