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I hoped CapnLogan saw this before Season 4 came out, but guess he was too busy. So Capn, if you got the time, can you please go over the Prometheus one more time?

Changes to the Prometheus:

I know CapnLogan went back and fixed the Aft end of the Gamma Section, but after looking at pictures from the actual CGI model used in Voyager, I think the doctor gave the patient the wrong "nosejob".

Voyager: Prometheus CGI Dorsal View
Voyager: Prometheus CGI Side View
Voyager: Prometheus CGI Ventral View

S4 Prometheus 1
S4 Prometheus 2
S4 Prometheus Dorsal
S4 Prometheus Ventral

Old Promethus 1
Old Promethus 2

The changes to the Aft of the Gamma Section was changed from a gentle slope (which you see in the Old Holodeck Pictures) to an abrupt slope in the new build. But if you look at the side view of the actual CGI model, the slope starts where the pylons connect to the hull and then you have a 30 degree slope and the slope ends at the same level as the trailing edge's connection to the nacelles.

I'll show you what I mean: Prometheus Overlay

In the Red, there are vents on the underside that weren't shown.

In the Green, the Phaser Strips are somewhat in their proper location, but could be more precise. (The added lines that was added to the underside needs to go).

The Dark Green is a tad bit misaligned.

The Cyan: That is where the Impulse Engines are for the Beta and the Gamma Sections.

Other things that were missed, the Starfleet Emblems on the Warp Nacelles. As well as the mini deflectors on the front of the Beta Section (You can see it in Voyager during the seperation sequence), as well as the Mini Deflector at the front of the Alpha Section (See the CGI Dorsal, forward of the name tag).

So Capn, when you got the time, please go over this again and give us that masterpiece we Prometheus buffs been long awaiting for? We appricate your efforts in looking into this.
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07-08-2011, 04:37 AM
what i don't get is why have phaser strips at all??? yes for looks but what good are they really in game, but only to serve for asthetics??? i rather the hard points be redone imo...they have all these "red" dots on the saucer for the weapons and yet one of them goes off??? if i had three dual heavys i rather see them fire from the unused hard points insead of making it look like one dual heavy is firing more volleys, but thats my thought on it...

as far as everything else, yes it does need a bit of tweeking as reguards to the emblems, grates, etc...but there are lots of ships that need an overhaul and capt is working all the time to try and get it right for all the pickers out there that want a perfect looking ship...

before we get good looking ships, its best that they concentrate on other stuff for now on se4, which they are working on...when everything is all settled, then they can come back to the ships...but what good is a pretty ship when the game is broken?
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07-08-2011, 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by lordcypher View Post
what i don't get is why have phaser strips at all??? yes for looks but what good are they really in game, but only to serve for asthetics???
The canon Prometheus had phaser arrays, not cannons. It's only in the game that you obviously find Advanced Escorts running around with cannons because, well, they're Escorts.

The MVAM sections also fire phasers, from all three sections. So there need to be phaser strips for those phasers to fire from. Unless you're saying they should be single emitters and not strips or something.
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07-08-2011, 10:44 AM
Honestly, it looks to me like the original aft end was curved, into a rounded "belly", while on the CGI model there is a "cut" underneath the hangar bay which is perfectly flat, like on the original Enterprise, the Voyager, and in fact a lot of Federation models. (This seems to be a feature to help the warp bubble "contour" to the ship's shape, or perhaps to keep the vessel inside an anomaly in the bubble)

CapnLogan's correction seems to have tried to reproduce the curve of the "cut", without flattening it. So there is still that bulge under the hangar bay, which then bends downward to try to follow the curve of the "cut", while following a different curve than the original.

I think it's important to note, though, that none of your angles of the CGI model reproduce that aft view, and so we can't really SEE that that cut does in three dimensions. From the ventral view it looks it is flat from under the hangar bay to across the surface areas of those cargo doors, but then it becomes rounded at some point before it reaches the lowest point of the hull. You've drawn a line for the profile view, but that's very much assumption. And it seems to me the Season 4 aft section would match that, IF it was flat and not double curved in the portion under the wings.

I do like that you're pointed out where the Beta/Gamma Impulse Engines are, I was wondering about that. The "red lighting" on the in game sections are NOT in that location, and in fact don't correspond to any feature on the ship. In fact, IIRC both sections appear to locate their impulse engines as if they are located under the wings. (There are those large thruster panels on the sides of both sections, and the red trails seem to match up to that for the Gamma section, but for the Beta section it appears to be coming from either side of the hangar bay) The other variant costumes also lack visible impulse engines, (they weren't originally designed to separate...) so honestly, I really would like to see those added across the board.

One thing I will note, though, is that from the dorsal view it is obvious that the ship in game has a MUCH larger bridge area. And I would not expect it to perfectly correspond to the canon. That was a prototype, and this is the production model, after all. Details such as the vents on the underside aren't really a big thing for me. Honestly, you're going to get much bigger discrepacies simply because the texture maps they use for their ships aren't exactly the same as the texture maps used on the CGI model. (And that's assuming that's even canon, and not some fan recreation)
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07-08-2011, 11:07 AM
Also, shouldn't this be in the Art Forum? There's a post by CapnLogan there, so I'm assuming that's the place to get noticed.
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07-08-2011, 03:03 PM
Thought this was more of a Shipyard issue. But if the Mods think it's best suited for the Art Forum, then I trust their judgement.

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