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Title says it all. I'm working on building my Engineer whom is flying the Galaxy-R into a tank for STFs. Current build and weapons loadout aren't important, as I'm expecting to throw it all out and go from scratch anyway. Suffice to say I have the full Aegis set, Mark X weapons arrays / torps and my Borg console.

So, as they would say. Hit me
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07-12-2011, 06:25 PM
just a few quick notes off the top...

borg engines with assimilated console, Aegis deflector and shields

power setting: max weapon to 100, lower eng and aux to 25, rest to shields
(best to get shield to 75, if you get that, increase aux)

weapons fore : torp, 2 beam bank, beam array
weapons aft : torp, 3x beam array

eng console = 2 armors, eps, shield cap
sci console = borg, hazard
tac console = phaser relay, phaser relay

cdr eng : epts, rsp ,eng team, dem
ltc eng : epts, rsp, aux to SIF
ens eng : eng team
lt tac : faw, ap delta
lt sci : sci team, haz emitters

The above should give you some tankiness definately while doing some decent damage.
Anyway, it'd be a good start to modify to what works for you.
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07-12-2011, 07:31 PM
listen to that guy, he knows what he is talking about. that a good tank ship build. equip some scorpion fighters if you want, they dont draw agro, but the extra damage helps a wee bit. If the enemies shields are down the torpedos do about 500 damage each I think. Plus you can send them in to distract the target for a few seconds before you assault.
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07-12-2011, 11:08 PM
3+ borg pieces, definitely borg regenerative shields for plasma resistance in STF.

2x EptS II (you do not need III for STF as the borg shields give you bonus to shield resistance)
1x Tactical Team I to make maximum use of shield hps and remove boarding parties

Polarize hull 1 to get out of tractors
Hazzard Emmiters 2 to heal and clear shield stripping stuff

That's all you need for great tank as engineer. Taking 2x RSP for STF is ********. Borg ain't players with super burst and spikes.

The rest as you please. I would take 1x Shield Hps console and 3x SIF console in engineering slot. 2x Halon in science and 2x phaser in tactical slots.

Engineering team 3 to take maximum advantage of SIF consoles (15k burst heal), one Aux to SIF, FAW 2 to grab agro and thats it you have your STF tank.

Its very hard to die in that ship.
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07-13-2011, 07:11 AM
Borg Set + Aegis Deflector

2x EP2S2 2x ETeam3 ASIF3

2x Hazard Emitters
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07-13-2011, 12:31 PM
EPS console? It does not do anything at all other then restore your power to your base power settings. Which is useful if you do a lot of full impulse, along with power changing. other then that,
1. no, it does not give you shield boost in their recovery.
2. no, it doesnt give you bonuses over the max power setting which is a hardcap of 125, period.
3 no, it does nothing to boost your weapon power.
Its design is only to restore your power settings, mostly just those cruisers that run it are pvp'rs. When I pve, I take it off and run the mono at +35 kinetic resist, blows my kinetic resist to 50%

Rest yeah pretty standard fair for PVE tanker for a G(r).
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05-17-2014, 10:36 PM
I don't use the Borg sets on mine. I see it posted everywhere, but I prefer to be different and use what works for me. So, in keeping with that mindset, I prefer the maco adapted shield and engines, a fleet warp core of you have access (preferably one that adds weapon or shield power to aux), and a special deflector (purple, mkXII, +26.6 to shield system, structural integrity, and shield emitters), plus a tachyokinetic converter for added crit and turn rate. 6 phaser arrays and 2 photon torps (switch between regular and bio-molecular for undine), and a defensive aux2batt setup. Basically, I can hit hard while sacrificing nothing from my defensive style of flying. Suffice it to say, I've flown through and defeated the voth surrounding the towers solo, as well as taken 3rd place and up in stfs like crystalline catastrophe and starbase 24. Always keep your ship moving and rotating your shield facings.
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05-17-2014, 10:43 PM
A three year old necro...good show bro...

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