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# 1 Super custome ship idea
08-11-2011, 09:35 AM
Hello Everyone, I hope I'm in the right place, I looked up and down the forum for an "Ideas" channel and couldn't find it, so I thought this was close.

I was sitting around today and I had an awesome idea, a super customization ship for STO in the C-store or in game.

instead of 3 variants it could be between 10-20, no exact number, just enough to fly around and make it feel like you've got a unique ship, which would also do well to incorporate the NX registration some people bought.

As for the mechanics, right now if I'm correct the "best" vice admiral ships have 5 officers slots with 3 being from there "tac" "eng" or "sci" skills, this could have 5 but all be gray so you really can decide if your "unique" ship is more of a science vessel, warship, or such.

You could select the ships over all size, and there for crew, turning rate, hull and all that with a slide bar so you can't have the best of all worlds, but it still feels like it is YOUR ship.

Maybe it's just a fans wild dreams of exploration, but for something like this, I would EASILY pay $20 in the c-store to fly it around.
What does everyone else think? really good idea, really bad idea, or just unrealistic?

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