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# 1 Vo'quv Carrier advice
08-17-2011, 02:30 PM
Just made to Capt and i am Eng and i am really looking to command the Vo'quv at BG . First is it workable for a eng to pilot one of these seen alot of zone and trade that its Sci prefered ship. Second is do these skills help the the carrier.
-Starship Command
-Heavy Warship
-K't'inga Battle Cruiser Captain
-Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Captain

Also what would be a better choice of weps going with a Turret build or Beam array?

This will be Pve only(keep in mind).

Thank you all ahead of time for your time and input.
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# 2
08-17-2011, 03:19 PM
An Engi in a Vo'Quv would be a fantastic tank ship honestly - I can already tank pretty well with my Sci Officer in one, so having the extra Engi abilities would be that much better.

All those skills do help the carrier, and (unlike any other ship) I actually recommend taking them, as the Vo'Quv is slow and needs as much turn rate and HP as you can get.

PVE Only you can do just about anything you like in terms of weapons - I ran dual heavy cannons, dual cannons and a dual beam bank for awhile. (Seriously!) - That said...

Consider going 6 beams. That's what I'm doing at present and I find in terms of raw damage output, it's been the best of anything I've used. Turrets, I grant, mean you have no weak facings... but their damage is pretty piddly on a per-shot basis, especially at any appreciable distance. Beams still grant you good coverage, let you take advantage of your subsystem targeting abilities*, and perform better at greater ranges.

While you didn't ask about Boff skills, I'll list a few handy ones that may be of interest to you:

Attack Pattern Omega I and Attack Pattern Beta I:

Omega's damage boost directly affects your fighters; and more importantly increases your maneuverability, damage resistance, and makes you immune to tractor beams for the duration.

Beta I is fantastic because it debuffs your target's Resistance, meaning of course that your fighters will do more damage to it, in addition to your own guns.

Tactical Team I: Becaues the Vo'Quv can't turn quickly enough to show the enemy a good shield facing when damaged, I highly recommend this skill. Only downside is of course like all Team powers it shares a cooldown with the others.

Those three are (imo) very useful as a Carrier captain, and I'd never fly one without em.
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# 3
08-17-2011, 04:14 PM
An engineer carrier is one of the meanest tanks in the game, and it is perfectly effective in combat; my alt is an Engineer carrier and I can count on one hand the number of people who are capable of soloing the ship. The skills that you listed in your post each contribute to the stats of the carrier and are worth the investment as well.

As for the weapon selection, you're best served by going with Beams as you can get the most out of them in terms of skills. You'll be able to use the target subsystem skills that come with the carrier, as well as more efficiently utilize the Lt. Cmdr Tactical BO slot as a beam ability can be used in any of the slots.

For additional skill consideration, mistformsquirrel got it right
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# 4
08-18-2011, 07:05 AM
(Sci captain, LG 1)

I was having a hard time flying that dang crate.
Take mistformsquirrel's advice. Each one is very practical.
While you may find that some things may not be particularly to your taste, they will definitely get you going in the right direction

After I tried those suggestions (among others, heh), I've been really enjoying it.
On paper, I can see how an engineer would be great in a Vo'quv.
Might just have to go try this myself
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# 5
08-18-2011, 12:16 PM
Kar'fi Carrier isn't half bad either, it's more maneuverable. Smartest thing to do on a Vo'quv is to pick skills that don't require a facing like Feedback Pulse. Mines can also help in certain situations when the PvE baddies keep flying circles around you. Just don't drop em right away.

There's a lot of different and good Vo'quv builds possible, I'd recommend anyone who is interested to go on tribble and test out different builds and theories on it.

If there is one big chance I'd like to see about that ship, it's the addition of a "support hangar" for the non combat pets you've got. Like a Nausicaan energy drain pod or the shield repair drone.
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# 6
08-18-2011, 01:36 PM
Well my carrier is definitely a tank.

I am an engineer and this thing can take a serious beating.

A few things. First, get ready for SLOW. I mean slow. This is the big bus and it handles like it. Also, don't expect too much DPS. Few teams will let you launch all waves of fighters. You will mostly be the healer as well.

There a few things to mitigate this, but the way I fly and deal with this is to not use directional powers. An an Engineer, we don't need to worry too much about pointing the deflector at anyone, so there is that.

Be prepared to defend your rear quarter. You cannot outmanuever a decent science ship, let alone escort, and most cruisers are good enough to stay on your rear also.

My current load out is (still work in progress):

Forward: 2 phaser turret mk XII [acc], Phaser beam array mk XII [acc]
Rear: 2 Phaser turret mk XII [acc], Phaser beam array mk XII [acc]
Impulse, Deflector: Borg
Shield: Borg
Engineering Consoles: Monotonium Alloy mk XII x 2, Field Emitter mk XI
Science Console: Halon System mk XII, Holomatrix Diode mk XII, Biofunction Monitor mk XII, Borg Console
Tactical Consoles: Phaser Relay mk xII, Point Defense Console
Launch Bays: Fighters both Sides


ET1, EPS2, A2Sif2
HE1, ST2

There are probably a few better arrangements, but this covers the bases. Some use tractor beam replulsors for example, but this is more efficient with points. Also, I currenlty don't have access to some of the higher powers like feedback 3.

How it plays:

Well're a tank. THE tank. Be ready now, because you are the only current visible target. That means that you are going to have to be ready to handle the alpha. Tac and emergency shields will get you through most times. Once you're buddies decloak, things shift fast.

I find that being an engineer makes me a desired target most of the time at the start of the game. Full power shields/aux.

When they discover that they cannot easily crack my hull, they move to other targets for a while. My role shifts then to healing/petmaster. Full power Weapons/aux.

After they get annoyed with the spam or my healing other team members, or they have offed the others and they are respawning, they will then go back to concentrating fire on me, so I have to shift back to shields.

All in all, it is very fun and varied to play. It may not seem so as it is so large and slow. The warning signs to tell you when to run is tied directly to your crew. If you are losing hull and your crew is dead, bug out. It is amusing to me to see how many will pursue, thinking that they can finish you off. Many times I have run, as I only need to buy a few seconds for my next hull heal power.

Keep a full load of engine batteries on hand. Aux batteries are nice to have too.

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