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Order of Hov'lw

This mission just went on so I still need five reviews to make the game go into the main mission database.

It's a 16+ level.
Worf contacts you to join a cult that has been growing within Qo'noS. Once inside you then have to find the leader and destroy it all.
Balanced combat and story. No long dialogue sections and always an option for the quick player to get straight to the main objective.

In terms of reviews, I would love people to give me suggestions and ideas to improve the mission.
Thanks in advance!
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# 2
08-22-2011, 09:53 AM
I've edited the mission to now make it accessible to level 16+.

I really need at least five reviews so that it can go into the main mission section.¸
I would gladly play a mission in return for someone trying it out.

For some reasons it always seems hard for people to try out Klingon missions.
Makes you think if it's worth it if they'll never get played.
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# 3
08-22-2011, 01:12 PM
It's my intention to play this for you asap, just been buried in my own new mission and taking advantage of double emblems for my Fed char over the weekend.

Back to the Klinks soon!
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# 4
08-22-2011, 07:18 PM
Thanks and please give me a mission title of yours and I'll gladly run through it too!
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# 5
08-25-2011, 01:41 PM
Nice mission with a good twist in the plot which makes me want to play more. The mission had good pacing and the dialogue was fitting for Klingons.

The last fight was pretty brutal for me at Comm 1 on advanced, died quite a few times.. but did get a couple of nice rare loot drops though!
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# 6
08-26-2011, 08:02 PM
Thanks for all the people who rated my mission. 4's and 5's cool!

Heads up for those people and others who might try out the mission.
The second part has come out early.

'Valley of Lies' is now published.

I did a quick runthrough and it looks like it's working fine.

Comments and ideas for both missions would be very helpful in making the missions the best they can be.
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# 7
09-18-2011, 04:38 PM
'Blood Brothers' has been completed but now I'm just waiting for the foundry bug to be fixed to run through it, fix the little glitches and then publish.

Hopefully by Monday night it will be on, fingers crossed.
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Klingon Mission - Order of Hov'lw
Author: SBCouto
ST - HM773X422

----------Report Start-----------

Summary: The concept was good and your writing was well done. I didn’t find any spelling errors. The Map Text vs. Mission Tasks commentary below refers to the use of the same description being used for the initial Mission Task of a map and the Map Text which is usually used to describe the overall purpose of the map. For example, “Destroy the cult” or “Find the truth” something like that. This is a personal preference but I thought I would bring it up.

Overall I really liked the mission. It was a short story with some good fighting in it. I would recommend it to others. Oh one more thing. I really appreciated how you used map entry points in the First City. It seems the Transporter Console is another that is very popular. Thanks for changing it up a bit.

Mission Description: Good description.

Grant Mission Dialog: Good dialog with a straight forward location to start.

Mission Task: Good task describing who to talk to. Make sure you always provide a location if, unlike Worf, it is not a known location or is not displayed on the mini-map.

Worf: Perhaps change the start of the dialog to read "The cult" versus "A cult".

Sick person: Good dialog, well written.

Mission Entry Prompt: Good dialog and button.

Hov'lw Training Grounds: Map text vs. Mission Task
- Well written and I love the yellow gas and flame effect.
- I don't think you can do anything about the "Talk" to dead characters button, but after each is "talked" to you should be able to make them disappear. If you make them part of the story then once the player has talked to them the "Talk" prompt will go away.

Qo'noS: Map Text vs. Mission Task.
- Good use of an older map.
- The fight is a little too heavy. I had to re-spawn some 15 times to finish this. If the player getting killed 15 times or more was the intention of the battle then don’t change anything. Otherwise I’d look into it. I did try to call for reinforcements when offered but they did not spawn. That might have been because I got killed right about then. The button never came back.

Qo’noS Space: Map Text vs. Mission Task.
- The setup was good and the fight was pretty well balanced.

---------End Report----------

Good job! Thanks for authoring the mission and keep up the good work.
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# 9
09-20-2011, 03:37 PM
'Blood Brothers' is now live! Will still need the first five reviews.

Again, a good, detailed review is always welcome!

Hope you all like it!


PS- 'Day to Die' is already in the works and hopefully will be out soon. It will be the second last of the series, concluding with 'None Left Standing'.
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# 10
09-21-2011, 07:48 PM
Firstly, thanks to Evil70th for your review. Always helps to improve missions when you have detailed reviews like that.

Secondly, I've gone back and edited most of the series episodes, trying to fix and tweak problems that some people have had.

This includes adding extra content to missions that were a bit short, some bug issues, and some help for those unable to do somethings easily.

Finally, thanks for those who reviewed 'Blood Brothers' already. Just another three more reviews for it to go mainstream...

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