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# 1 Any RP'ers in STO?
08-23-2011, 09:22 AM
I have traveled from Drozana Station (my FAVorite just because of the Atmosphere), to DS9 (surprising that there is not more RP'ing going on here), to ESD (didn't expect that much RP'ing going on here since it takes so long to load in and function), and etc (Vulcan, Andoria, and Risa which does not offer enough on those planets to draw a crowd but was meant for a social gaming experience). I DO see some RP'ing going on but not as much as I hear about on here sometimes or have witnessed back when STO first started.

I would like to know or see if there is any RPers out there who still enjoy Star Trek Online for what it is, a Star Trek Experience? I just love Star Trek and loving being in a Star Trek Universe with my ONE toon, who tries to live his life, Captain his ship and crew, and traveling amongst the stars exploring strange new worlds, searching for new life forms and new civilizations. I would like to know or see if more out there who enjoy just being in the Star Trek universe and if so, where is the RP hot spots? Is there a good time over other times, i.e. daytime over night time, for RP'ing?

My fleet use to be more active on STO back at launch and since then they have dropped off like flies in a bottle of beer. I log on now and all I see is people searching for team members to finish STF's and other than that I don't see as much social gaming, social crowds, or just people who RP even if it is re-playing old missions in RP fashion.

Everyone on HERE is screaming for NEW content, including myself (but this is more for the needs of the many, since I support STO as LIFER and want it to succeed, and the many is asking for new content), but STO has such much more than the general masses or the average STO player realizes or utilizes. What we have here is a template for Star Trek, a template for being a Captain amongst others. The game is a sand box, if you will allow me to use this term, for being in a Star Trek show.

How many of us watched; TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, or even Star Trek Movies, and thought about being a Captain of a star ship? Thought about manning a station on a ship? Wanted to beam down to a planet and explore, scan, or seek out new life? Secretly, envisioned yourself in a Star Trek uniform and taping your communicator to beam up? Wanted to live a Star Trek experience?

Now I know I probably sound like a big ole geek/nerd to some who just play STO for it being a MMO, and those are the same ones who will jump ship, no pun intended, to go play other games as they release just to play a new MMO. But I always heard that "If YOU have asked the question, if YOU have thought about it, if YOU have ever said it then others have asked, thought, and said it all before". So I am here now wondering if any of the STO members ever thought about using STO for more than just another MMO game, and instead using STO to have a Star Trek experience like no other Star Trek game has done before? Now, I loved Bridge Commander but could never beam down or physically see my avatar/myself like in STO with the same customization as we have in STO, and I bet there is some of you who could name a Star Trek game that has features or functionality you liked more than STO or think it should have been included in STO. But with that said, is there anybody out there who uses or utilizes Star Trek Online as a Star Trek Role Playing experience and more than just a MMO?

What I would like to see and who I would like to know and add to my friends list (and possibly my Christmas Card list ) is anyone or any fleets who use Star Trek to live out a Star Trek experience. Why not use in game chat over typing out RP? Why not RP the missions? Why not just have some random encounter happen on your ship and send a distress call to anyone, who will not look at you funny, for asking for assistance and request them beam over and head down to engineering to RP fix the warp core? Or try and find a cure for a virus you picked up on an away mission to the "X" system? Why not create or OWN NEW content? Why not do a foundry mission in RP fashion? Why not make Star Trek Online a Star Trek experience like we all grew up wishing, wanting, and watching on TV?

All I am saying is, if anyone else is thinking or already implementing this type of experience in STO add me to your friends list or post here for adding to friends list and lets go where no one has gone before.

But if you have been reading my post with a crazy confused look on your face wondering what planet I come from, then all I can say is...

*looks over your shoulder and says*


*runs away fast, knees and elbows*


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# 2
08-23-2011, 09:27 AM
you could look up 12th fleet they do a lot of roleplaying as do {ufp} united federation of planets

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# 3
08-23-2011, 09:30 AM

If it is the same UFP, they are our Sister Fleet at Starfleet and those who I have come in contact with are nice people. Never heard of the 12th fleet though so thanks for the recommendations.

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# 4
08-23-2011, 09:53 AM
I would like to hear more from individuals also, if there is any out there. No offense to the fleets out there at all. Just that fleets seem to already have their command structures, rules, and guidelines that some people might shy away from. Not to mention that fleets already have somewhat of a RP standard to some extent and because so RP is somewhat implied.

I would like to also hear from individuals who have thought the same way as myself and wished there was some type of outlet, without joining a fleet, to have a RP Star Trek experience.

Maybe they can use this thread to find others who feel the same OR never heard of a RP experience in STO and maybe who just want to see or meet others for such an experience or this type of gaming.

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# 5
08-23-2011, 11:38 AM
Thank you Bulldog!!

The TOS Veterans are based around RP and are just now getting into the in-Game RP part of it. We are 5 months young and we have built up a RP storyline where potential Captain candidates are rescued from the 23rd century just before their untimely demise and brought back to the 25th Century to help fight in the war. We have centered most of our thought and work on the Fleet Backstory “Veteran's of the War” and our own Character Bios and setting up the structure of Project Christopher.

The TOS Veterans was created with the formation of Project Christopher.
Project Christopher is a Top Secret, Special Operation Project, thought to be initiated by Section 31 and said to be connected with, but at an arm’s reach from Starfleet Intelligence, The Department of Temporal Investigations, The Vulcan V'Shar and the Andorian Am Tal. Some of the "Projects" key personell and officers have a connection, even a position within these Intelligence agencies.

No one really knows how the Project is connected to these other agencies or organizations however it is clear that Project Christopher is self sufficient and not above the law, however it may be slightly beneath the law.

The project consists of sending back an extraction team to the targeted time periods to extract potential Captain material candidate’s moments before their demise and bringing them to the 2409 to help fight in the war efforts of the future.

It is not quite sure who is pulling the strings or if there is some other temporal violation that it is rectifying however, this organization is growing and is a force to be reckoned with.
We are a fleet of older gamers (30’s, 40’s and beyond) and we are casual and relaxed however the RP seems to be strong in our veins. Most of us played D&D in the 70’s and 80’s and also the ST-RP board games.

We are currently working on Foundry missions to explain our fleet as well as for RP events.
We have just hired our Fleet RP Officer to take over the RP duties and we are moving forward with the in-game side of things.

PM me if you have any questions
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# 6
08-23-2011, 11:14 AM

Being the Mercenary that I am I pay close attention to zone chat and what I have found is that the RPers have started using Chat channels. This keeps zone chat open for gaming I am not saying that it is a good thing but that is what is happening.

I know that the TOS Veterans have a big RP thing going on in there chat channel and would probably welcome you. Here is a link to there fleet thread

Tell them Mercenary Bulldog sent you.. Happy Gaming
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# 7
08-23-2011, 11:47 AM
Hey There
I think possibly the only reason you don't see that much open RP in games like this is that a lot of the people who take it seriously tend to RP in fleets/cross fleet.

There are many reasons for this, as a female IRL and a role-player I am always assured that RP will stay out of the realms of ERP and will not be viewed as such an easy way to find cyber partners.
Basically because people who have joined a fleet have been vetted to some extent they have been bounced around via Brownian motion all the other RP'ers and if someone is looking to RP for the wrong reasons they are soon discovered and removed.

Secondly I like to develop my character via the characters around me, if I am constantly RPing with different people I develop no meaningful friendships and as a consequence my character then feels two dimensional, so I like to RP with the same people in set events regularly.
Yes I will often meet the odd person in Quarks but this is likely to be a transient acquaintance and thus not even warrant a footnote on my history.

I suggest if you are looking for serious RP and don't want to fall foul of the cyber mongers a fleet is possibly you're best bet. The 12th as already stated is one of the best, we are consistently doing bridge RP's of a high quality every weekend.

However I still wish you luck in your endeavour.

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# 8
08-23-2011, 01:39 PM

I see the benefits of closed channel RPing, so you don't have to deal with "grief'ers" and "RP haters" lol
Problem with closed channel chatting is some people, like myself, who enjoy RP and want to get involved without having to join a fleet and go through the recruitment, application, standards and practices, etc.
RP is not for everyone but the same can be said about fleets. I am in a fleet, non active fleet, and I still can see how the whole fleet thing is not for everyone.

Thank you, Bulldog, I appreciate your input completely and if your ever need of any Federation assistance we will keep our hailing frequencies open.


Thank you James Bailey,
I like where you and your fleet's head is at and where your going with it.

I too have played D&D and think that type of element is whats needed. An "Mission Admiral" or "Mission Commander", if you will, who thinks out missions using missions in the game and who can toss out a warp core failure or virus outbreak on your ship to throw a curve ball and randomness to the game LIKE a Star Trek episode.


I for one would rather RP with Girls and Guys, to have a more realistic side of RPing, not that I wouldn't RP with a dude who has a Female toon they would want to RP with. But for he same reason you gave with ERP, sometimes it gets creepy when dealing with "Female" toons, lol. I instead just want to RP no matter if they are a girl or guy. Although I do wonder if there IS any REAL females who play this game, but after your post here, I can understand why girls don't want to open channel RP on top of the "grief'ers" and "RP haters" I spoke of earlier.

EDIT: I do not think I made myself clear and instead butchered what I was trying to say.
What I am saying is, it does not matter if I meet a girl or guy "in game" that is who I am talking to (no matter if your girl or guy in RL). Who I am talking to in game is who I am talking to no matter what or who you are in real life. Thats all in RPing. What I don't want is the "ERP" for the same reasons similar to why you stated. Hope I clarified myself.

I see what your saying about lvl'ing and RPing along the way and how you create a bond with that person but keep yourself open to more bonds being formed and created while RPing missions from a "mission admiral" or "mission commander" I spoke of in my reply to James's post. The random encounters could lead to a life long friendship, if your lifer or plan to be around for awhile. The whole point to my post is finding serious RP'ers who will be around for awhile and will use STO a break from RL and make each moment a Star Trek Role playing experience, no different than a character in Oblivion or any other RPG game where you create a character and just live a life in a game, when not in RL.

And what else is better than Star Trek?

Thank you for your response and I wish you luck as well and as always...


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# 9
08-23-2011, 03:16 PM
My example of open RPing (which turned up no results in my first testing),

I sat in subspace, and sent a distress signal stating "INCOMING MESSAGE: This is the U.S.S. WARTOWN in need of assistance. We are located 5.97 by 3.74 near Drozana in the Donatu Sector in Eta Eradani, please respond.". After a few PM's asking if I just needed help with a mission, and responding that I had issues with my warp core, I never achieved what I was setting out to do. My idea was that I would hail a ship, have them beam over to my bridge and have them head down to engineering and put whatever spin on what it would take to fix the core even if it was to head to a space station and get the necessary materials needed via shuttle craft or their ship to obtain what we needed. Maybe invite to team for voice RPing over typing. Which I would hope that all the "creepers" don't stop guys AND girls from wanting to do voice RPing over typing. But either way it would have been nice to have someone play along.

Of course this Open RPing produced no results, but that didn't stop me from going 1/4 impulse (warp .14) on a course to Drozana to have my warp core fixed and maybe find some RPing going on at Drozana. Which is one of my points, we should have more RP'ing in space but also the ways I see RP'ing being easily played out and random.

But I will keep trying and testing and looking for like minds. Eventually it will get perfected and maybe eventually catch on.

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# 10
08-23-2011, 07:42 PM

I am not saying you have to join their Fleet. They may let you join their Chat Channel and RP with them.

I myself am on a lot of Chat Channels.
I have Toons in 3 fleets and Toons that are Fleetless.
Chat Channels keep me connected with all of my friends without me having to send them a Tell.

Good Luck and Happy Gaming

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