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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

Silver Account Details
  • At this phase of the Beta everyone will be starting as a fresh account. No character transfers will be allowed in the first few weeks, there will be no Beta Currency C-Store Stipend this week.
  • Silver account details
  • Character slots – silver accounts will receive the following character slots
    • 1 slot that is limited to Starfleet characters
    • 1 slot that is limited to Klingon characters (note that in this build the Klingon faction is not available at this phase of the beta)
    • 1 slot that is for Foundry content creation
    • Additional character slots may be purchased from the c-store
  • Bridge officer slots
    • 4 free bridge officer slots
    • Additional slots may be purchased from the c-store
    • No slots awarded when rank is gained
  • Energy Credit limit
    • Silver characters are limited to 100 Million energy credits. As long as a character is at this limit, they may not gain additional energy credits.
    • The limit may be increased to 1 Billion energy credits (same as gold players) via a c-store purchase
  • Inventory Slots
    • 42 starting inventory slots
    • Up to 18 additional inventory slots may be purchased from the C-store
    • No slots awarded when rank is gained
  • Bank slots
    • 48 starting bank slots
    • Up to 36 additional bank slots may be purchased from the C-store
    • No slots awarded when rank is gained
  • Captain retrain tokens
    • Retrain tokens may be purchased from the C-store
    • No retrain tokens are awarded when rank is gained
  • Foundry creation access – players may access the Foundry for content creation if they have purchased foundry project slots
    • Foundry project slots may be purchased with Dilithium – Note: not available in the first beta build
    • Silver players do not receive any free Foundry project slots
  • Silver players will hear advertisements when using Vivox voice chat
  • Silver players will have the following restrictions until they have played for 20 hours, previously had a subscription, purchase c-points, or ever purchased anything in the c-store:
    • Not allowed to create a fleet
    • Chat restrictions:
      • Rate limited
      • Broadcast chat restricted
      • Private messages to friends only
    • Mail restrictions:
      • Rate limited
      • Can only send mail to friends

Gold account Details:
  • Character slots – silver accounts will receive the following character slots
    • 1 Unrestricted character slot
    • 1 slot that is limited to Starfleet characters
    • 1 slot that is limited to Klingon characters (note that in this build the Klingon faction is not available)
    • 1 slot that is for Foundry content creation
    • Additional character slots may be purchased from the c-store
  • Bridge officer slots
    • 4 starting bridge officer slots
    • Additional bridge officer slots awarded at some ranks
    • Additional slots may be purchased from the c-store
  • Energy Credit limit
    • Gold characters are limited to 1 Billion energy credits. As long as a character is at this limit, they may not gain additional energy credits.
  • Inventory slots
    • 42 starting inventory slots
    • Additional inventory slots awarded at some ranks
    • Up to 18 additional inventory slots may be purchased from the C-store
  • Bank slots
    • 48 starting bank slots
    • Additional bank slots awarded at some ranks
    • Up to 36 additional bank slots may be purchased from the C-store
  • Captain retrain tokens
    • A retrain token is awarded at each rank
    • Additional retrain tokens may be purchased from the c-store
  • Foundry access
    • Gold players start with 8 project slots for the foundry.
    • Additional Foundry project slots may be purchased for Dilithium.
  • No advertisements in Vivox voice chat
  • No chat or email restrictions
  • Allowed to create fleets

Duty Officer System
  • The Duty Officer and Assignment system has been added to the game! This system is an optional mini-game themed around the logistics of managing the full crew complement of your ship that opens up when you reach the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
    • Upon first initiating the system, characters will be granted a number of starting duty officers to staff their ship. Additional duty officers of various qualities, rarities, specializations and species may be gained by means of certain assignments as well as via purchase of random packs of duty officers on the C-Store.
    • The HUD has been updated to add a button allowing access to the duty officer system from any sector map, the interior of your ship or an ally’s, and most social maps.
    • Every character has two active rosters, one for space and one for ground. Duty officers may be slotted into both of these to grant you various conditional and passive effects.
    • Duty officers may also be sent on assignments granting a wide array of rewards including skill points, bridge officer points, energy credits, Dilithium, commodities, additional duty officers, bridge officers, items, and commendation experience.
    • Assignments require a certain amount of time to elapse ranging from five minutes to seven days. Time continues to count down even when a player is not logged into the game.
    • Commendation experience allows a character to advance independently in twelve different categories; one of these, Diplomacy, co-opts the existing Diplomacy system by allowing characters to gain DXP via the assignment system in addition to existing methods. Another, Marauding, is only available to Klingons. Each commendation category has four tiers of advancement. Advancing in a commendation category opens up new assignments and offers special rewards.

Stance Animation Updates:
  • The following stance animations have been updated
    • Standard
    • Brawler
    • Stern
    • Creature
    • Gruff
    • Relaxed
    • Swagger
    • Thoughtful
    • Feminine
    • Seductive
  • Stance animations have received new foot placements to make them blend better with existing emotes.
  • Small idle poses and animations have also been added per stance to give more variety to players that are standing around.
  • Females stances have also been fixed up to reduce hand/arm issues that occur w/ “crossed-arms” poses.
  • Suggestion for you Klingon characters – Try out Brawler, Stern, and Gruff stances!

Tutorial Update
  • Shooter Mode is now the default configuration for new characters, and the tutorial has been updated to teach people how to use it. Along with that, you can skip the tutorial as long as you’ve completed it at least once before.
    • If you’ve played the tutorial all the way through before, when starting a new character you’ll be asked if you want to skip it or not. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE THE SKIP OPTION IS OFFERED. Should you agree to play the tutorial, you will need to play it all the way through to the end.

Currency Update
  • The currency system has changed! There are now only three forms of major currency in the game:
    • Energy Credits – Use this to purchase consumables and standard (common) gear.
    • Gold-Pressed Latinum – Earn this from playing Dabo, and use it to purchase novelty items.
    • Dilithium – Earn this by completing daily missions, exploration, PVP, and special events. Purchase rare or very rare gear and new ships.
  • All of the old medals, marks, badges, merits, and emblems will be going away. In the final release, they will be converted over to dilithium. Thus, your old currency will be useful at any level to purchase appropriate gear or ships.
  • Coming soon: You will receive dilithium ore for your daily missions, and you will need to refine it into dilithium crystals to make purchases. This is an in-progress conversion.

Special Task Force Updates
  • At Level 45 you can access Normal Versions of all existing Borg STFs.
    • Invasion
      • This is the only STF available for this initial launch. (the others will be released as the Beta continues)
    • The Cure
    • Khitomer Accords
  • Each STF has been broken into two 30 minute segments, one space segment and one ground segment per STF.
  • At 51 you can access Elite Versions of the existing STFs.
    • These versions are not available in this build
  • Playing the STFs now requires the use of the public queues or private queues to play.
    • The public queue requires 5 players
    • The private queue requires 1 player
    • This also means you can join an STF from any map that allows queue access.
  • STF Loot has been updated
    • There are now many new Space and ground weapons designed to help combat the Borg threat.
    • Special Vendors have been added to Earth Space Dock and Qo’Nos for collecting the new STF loot.
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# 2
09-29-2011, 09:58 AM
Event Calendar
  • There are several new events that will be rolled out via the events calendar in your mission journal throughout the beta. They will be available at specific times throughout the day and typically offer a superior way of earning something specific, such as gear, dilithium, XP, or Energy Credits.
  • The only event that will be available in this initial launch will be the “Mirror Universe” event.
    • This is a 5 man event that unlocks for players once they reach level 11.

Mission Journal
  • The Mission Journal has been given an overhaul! You can still access it via the “J” key or faction logo on the lower left corner of your minimap.
    • Across the very top, you’ll see an alert when you have actions that can be taken with a mission (for example, a mission is complete and ready to turn in)
    • Below that, from left to right, you’ll find: EPISODES; PvE; PvP
    • Episodes
      • The Hail button will allow you to remotely contact the person offering the mission.
      • The More button will show you the list of upcoming episodes. You can also replay missions through this list of episodes.
        • You can look at each faction hub separately to see all of the missions that are coming!
    • PvE
      • Clicking the Volunteer button will open the PvE Queue. Here you can find Fleet Actions and select STFs.
    • PvP
      • Clicking the Attack button will open the PvP Queue. Here you can queue up to go head to head with other players.
    • Along the bottom, you’ll see a filmstrip of upcoming events for the day. Clicking an event will tell you more about it, including how to participate in it.
      • You can also click the Calendar button to see what’s on tap!

Episode Flow
  • One major change for existing players is episode availability. Like a TV series, all episodes have been serialized, requiring you to play them in order.
    • Each episode requires a specific player level and that the previous episode on the list has been completed. Assuming you’ve played the previous episode, the next episode will be available as long as you meet the minimum level requirement.
    • Each episode has been changed to scale to your level, so you can’t out-level it.
      • You will be rewarded based on whatever level you are when you complete the mission.
      • Critters will also scale to player-level, rather than be locked at an episode level.
      • This means you can do events, PvE, PvP and other repeatable content as much as you like and then do episodes at your leisure without worrying whether or not they’re still level appropriate.
    • Skill Points and Bridge Officer Skill Point rewards from episodes have been increased for the first half of the game.
      • This means you’ll rank up faster and be able to get into your first new ship much sooner than was previously possible.
      • This boost does slow down as you raise in rank.

Lore Missions
  • The Path to 2409 has been broken down into a series of 29 volumes, each with an average of 5 chapters.
    • Once per day, on Starfleet Academy and Qo’noS, players can get a mission to claim a datachip from that area’s library computer. Once collected, this mystery datachip will randomly become a named datachip that contains the information for one of these 140+ chapters
      • Using this named datachip will consume the datachip item and unlock an accolade for that specific volume/chapter. You can then read that chapter at any time by going to the Accolades tab in your Journal
      • This named datachip can also be traded or placed on the exchange
      • Collect them all to complete the entire Path to 2409!
  • Also on Starfleet Academy and Qo’noS, once per day players can get a mission to test their knowledge of the Path to 2409.
    • Look on your map to find the test location, marked by a waypoint
    • This test of knowledge will tell you the specific volume and chapter that contains the answer.
      • You can always just guess at the correct answer, or if you’ve found that datachip before, you can read the chapter in the Accolades tab of your Journal.

  • Updated Klingon ship replicator to produce commodities.
  • New players now start in shooter mode.
  • Ds9 got an amazing art update to make it look even more awesome.

  • Updated carrier AI commands to only affect owner's specific pets (instead of all pets on team).
  • New fighter AI commands. Allows carrier captains to issue Attack, Recall, Escort, and Intercept orders (if they have the appropriate powers).
    • This feature is missing a UI so players can’t use it yet. Stay Tuned!
  • Updated name and icon for schematic for immunosupport nanites.
  • Reduced chance of Borg ships clearing effects of boarding party subsystem targeting.
  • Reduced Nausicaan Guramba Ship Lance charge time from 3s to 1s.
  • Gorn Varnus Fleet Suport Updates
    • Improved ship healing drone healing powers.
    • Added mask energy signature PBAoE component to drone platform.
  • Player Spawned Fighter Updates
    • Improved player fighter defense values.
    • Removed fighter docking after combat.
    • Improved carrier Bird-of-Prey damage.
    • Reduced carrier waves from 3 to 2.
    • Increased Kar'fi S'kul fighter kamikaze damage.
    • Carriers can summon hanger pets without an enemy targeted.
  • Aim and Crouch are now 2 separate modes. They can be combined or used separately. Default keybinds are C for crouch and X for Aim.
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09-29-2011, 10:00 AM
  • Small fix to get crossed arms working for long armed characters
  • Updated Andorian species descriptions for two genders instead of four.
  • Updated the Sit_Chair emote
  • Chest Badge Activate now works with all weapon powers - Used in "Security Escort" ability
  • Fixed Assault melee power - Does not skip animations anymore

  • Fixed bug that was causing a blue glow on Manus of Borg to be a square on low end machines.
  • Fixed issue with impulse glows when at full impulse.
  • Changed visual for Charged particle burst to be a sphere instead of a flat disk.

  • Other players shouldn't hear your shield balance/redistribute or photonic medical officer audio now.
  • New Guardian of Forever voice.
  • Tetryon cannon sounds should no longer loop.

  • Added C-Store, Duty Officer, PvE Queue, PvP Queue, Mail and Social buttons to the Minimap HUD. Duty Officer icon blinks when assignments are complete. Mail icon blinks when you have new mail.
  • Add Caitian to the Guild Species list.
  • The respec window now closes if the player gets out of range of the contact.
  • Hide normal interaction text for the red alert button.
  • The skill respec window automatically closes when the character status window is opened.
  • Both ground and space now show 25 characters for the guild name.
  • Add C-Store ship purchasing support to the Ship Store.
  • You can now double click to select and advance the character class in character creation.
  • It’s now possible to close the private PvE queue configuration window, and a small overview window will show instead.
  • New class icons for both federation and klingons.
  • Slightly adjusted the character spacing of the fonts to improve legibility.
  • Fix rank/grade display for requirements for next rank.
  • Fixed several bugs related to dropdown lists.
  • Add low level notifications to the queue displays
  • Security Bridge Officers are always selectable as Standard Away Team members.
  • Simplified the power description, show enhanced powers in the description
  • Made item assignment item cost consistent with the crafting display of cost.
  • Fixed a layout bug in the interaction buttons where the text would overlap with the high priority indicator icon
  • Interaction Buttons: made it so that the button text behaves as the rest of the UI (mouseover, pressed, disabled).
  • Updated the Klingon tactical console icon.
  • Red Alert Indicator Text appearance update

  • Several typos have been resolved in the Doomsday Device Episode.
  • Feds and Klingons can now go into each others star clusters for duty officers - they cannot do exploration missions that belong to the other faction
  • Updated Drozana depths, past, and Gateway system in the past, so that player cannot use reinforcement powers.
  • Fix for incorrect sector location given in Cage of Fire mission text.
  • Players now rank up when earning skillpoints instead of when spending them.
  • Removed Drake from Under Cover of Night on the ground map.
  • Forging Bonds is available via the journal again.
  • Destroying the asteroid before responding to the disabled IKS Kang no longer causes the mission to enter an unwinnable state on “Saturday’s Child”
  • Khitomer Ground: Using the console in auxiliary control beams the borg out.
  • Typo fix in Leading the Way.
  • War Games: Fixed issue with Ensign Longworth becoming non-responsive after coming out of his room
  • Certain enemies are no longer unkillable in Night of the Comet
  • Resolved typo in KDF mission Destiny
  • Resolved typo in Cernan patrol.
  • Resolved typos in the banter of the patients when first arriving on the Khitomer.
  • Hide and Seek: Placing mines as an engineer with the "Transmit Data" dialog up will not block the player from completing the mission.

  • Klingon Foundry contacts Dara, Mina, and Nava are working again.
  • Fix for selecting an object to use as a Component Complete trigger not making the object interactible.

Known issues:
  • Purchase of Foundry project slots is not yet available.
  • The Klingon faction is temporarily disabled.
  • The tooltip on the character creation button may display an incorrect number of available character slots.
  • There is currently no way to obtain Cryptic Points, so nothing may be purchased from the C-store.
  • The help tips in the tutorial may not be displayed in some cases.
  • Silver players will see notifications that they are receiving additional bank and inventory slots when they gain a rank, even though they are not receiving the slots.
  • The Captain retrain window still indicates that you can pay to respec your skills with Merit. This is not the case, and it will be removed from the UI in a future build.
  • The character selection/creation screen for Foundry creation will allow you to start creating a character even if you do not have any foundry project slots, and then the character creation will fail. In a future build this will be changed so that you will not be able to begin character creation until you have Foundry project slots.
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# 4
09-29-2011, 02:40 PM
how do we copy our charaters onto the tribble f2p server?
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# 5
09-29-2011, 02:43 PM
they have disabled the copy to tribble feature at this time, check out the F2P developer blog
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# 6
09-29-2011, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by Specter2
how do we copy our charaters onto the tribble f2p server?
Right now, not at all. First Sentence after Silver account details.
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# 7
09-29-2011, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by Specter2
how do we copy our charaters onto the tribble f2p server?
Did you not read what the dev's have put up all over the site? it doesnt just say it on this topic but it says it over at the Path to F2P Dev Blog from at http://www.startrekonline.com/node/2623
READ before posting.
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# 8
11-29-2011, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by Specter2
how do we copy our charaters onto the tribble f2p server?
First thing this thread says is that this is disabled for now lol
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# 9
09-29-2011, 02:46 PM
After playing through the revamped Tutorial, I must say that little has been improved (mostly aesthetics have changed, but not all for the better).

If you are interested, how I think the tutorial should could be changed/improved, I'd like to refer to to an antique post of mine: http://forums.startrekonline.com/sho...d.php?t=174588

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# 10
09-29-2011, 02:43 PM
Cant char transfer yet... thats the first thing in the post btw... Can we get a lvling thing so we can test the STF?

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