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# 1 Martial Arts needs a make Over
10-08-2011, 10:59 AM
The martial arts system in STO needs some changes made to it to spice it up. I was thinking instead of a kit make it like any other weapon that you can equip in one of your weapon slots on your character so all career paths may use martial arts. Of course the Tact Officer will be the only career path who gets a bonus in damage, crit chance, & crit severity. I believe this is canon and follows what I have read in the books and seen in the movies and TV episodes. Spock who was a science officer knew a Vulcan form of martial arts and Riker used Karate and Judo in a book I read and was also learning Klingon Mok’bara from Worf. I’m not sure what career path Riker relates to in the STO game but Worf was teaching several of the crew and not all of them were tactical officers.

Just like the weapons martial arts will have a three-button setup. 1st button would be a quick strike that does a small amount of damage, 2nd button does more damage with a short cool down, & the 3rd button does massive damage has a secondary effect and a longer cool down. Also some martial arts should be race specific and unusable by other races. I would sale these in the C-Store since it would supply another form of income for the Company that they can reinvest back into content for the game.

Here are some of the martial art styles I think they should do and how they should work –

KB – Knock back
KD – Knock down
Dmg – damage
DoT – damage over time
MA – martial arts

Karate – Open to all Fed characters.
Button 1 – Quick punches with a chance to stun
Button 2 – Snap Kick that has a chance to KD opponent
Button 3 – Flying kick, this is a lunge maneuver that does moderate damage and KB’s opponent

Boxing – Open to Orion and Human Characters
Button 1 – Jab, very quick attack, chance to stun opponent.
Button 2 – Uppercut, chance to stun opponent, stun lasts longer.
Button 3 – Right/Left Cross, KD, does moderate dmg and is a lunge.

Mok’bara – Open only to Klingons. Does more damage than other MA forms, Klingons don’t try to incapacitate their opponents, every attack is meant to cripple or kill, preferably kill.
Button 1 – Punch, better than avg damage.
Button 2 – Kick, moderate dmg.
Button 3 – Headbutt, A lunging attack where the Klingon uses their bony heads to crush their opponent’s skull. Does massive dmg, KD’s opponent. Short distance lunge.

Vulcan Martial Arts – Open only to Vulcan characters. Vulcan’s are masters at incapacitating their opponents.
Button 1 – Nerve Punch, interrupts opponent, chance to stun.
Button 2 – Nerve Kick, doe slightly more dmg and has a chance to root opponent.
Button 3 – Nerve Strike, does moderate dmg, roots plus stuns opponent. A lunging attack.

Claws – Open to Gorn, Leatheans, Caitans, and Alien species characters.
Button 1 – Scratch, chance to do bleeding DoT.
Button 2 – Rend, bleeding DoT, plus KD opponent.
Button 3 Gorn – Chomp, Lunging bite attack that KD’s opponent and envenoms them, Gorn empties poison sacks does moderate poison DoT.
Button 3 Caitan – Pounce, leaping attack where Caitan bears opponent to the ground, does moderate bleeding DoT.
Button 3 Leathean – Telekinetic Tear, a telekinetic augmented lunge (Increased lunge distance) that KD’s opponent and causes a bleeding DoT effect.
Note* The 3rd button is race specific except for Alien species who can choose any of the forms.

Grapple – Open to all Characters. A WWE style of combat, could be called street brawl rather than grapple.
Button 1 – Elbow, KB’s opponent
Button 2 – Knee, knees opponent in the gut, chance to root opponent.
Button 3 normal strength character – Shove, a two handed push that knocks down opponent.
Button 3 exceptional strength characters, (+10 physical damage bonus or better) – Throw, picks opponent up and throws them, works on kneeling opponents. Distance thrown is determined by the physical damage bonus.
+10 physical damage bonus – 3 to 5 feet thrown
+15 physical damage bonus – 5 to 7 feet thrown
+17 physical damage bonus – 7 to 10 feet thrown
The only representation we have for an exceptional strength character is a bonus to physical damage. The “throw” would give us a visual depiction of the strength of our character, I think most people would like a visual to how strong their character is.

Judo – Open only to Humans.
Button 1 – Chop, quick hand chops that interrupt opponent.
Button 2 – Leg sweep, sweeps opponent off their feet, KD.
Button 3 – Flip, flips opponent over their shoulder, does exceptional damage.

Those are my suggestions for Martial Arts. Someone may have a better Idea or come up with better ideas for the various moves. The only move I feel strongly about is the throw move on the Grapple MA form, I’d really love to see a visual representation of the physical strength of some of my characters. I also left some MA forms out like Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, etc. I figured if STO liked my idea the Dev’s would have enough to do with what I already suggested and the other MA forms could be added at a later date to the C-Store. I strongly believe these should be a C-Store item because they put money back into the pockets of those creating content. I believe these could be a major money making item because they add flavor to the game. Everyone is gonna want Mok’bara for their Klingon characters, Vulcan martial arts for their Vulcan character, etc. It makes a person’s character unique and offers another choice for players, Baskin Robbins didn’t get big by just selling vanilla ice-cream. That’s why I suggested making some MA forms race specific or some moves race/strength specific because it adds flavor. If all characters can do the same MA or moves then we are all eating vanilla ice cream, which is boring.

The only exception I would make to the martial arts would be only humans can equip more than one style/form. Other races would be limited to equipping one form at a time. The reason for this is because humans don’t have exceptional strength or intelligence but what they do have is adaptability that gives them an advantage over the other races and makes them the domineering force in Star Trek, which we see depicted in the movies, TV series, and books. I don’t think the passives human characters have to choose from adequately represent their versatility or adaptability. Personally I’d like to see some better passives made available to humans.

I read a Star Trek book, (Can’t remember the title), where in it Riker was in hand to hand combat with a Romulan. The Romulan was beating him badly because of his superior strength and a brutal form of martial arts the Romulans use. In mid battle Riker switched from karate to judo and beat the Romulan. It was Riker’s versatility that allowed him to know and use more than one style of martial arts plus his adaptability to switch styles in combat that allowed him to beat the Romulan. I wish I could remember the title of this book but it adequately depicted the versatility and adaptability humans possess. We see this also depicted in the movies and TV shows so if it’s not canon then it’s definitely true to the Star Trek Universe.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
10-08-2011, 11:02 AM
I like this, i woudl also say that maybe ... and i'm just reaching here, ... automatically allow martial arts when all weapons are holstered?

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