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I'm doing my best to help out testing as much as possible and as such I decided to level up a Klingon. Two days ago I made it to Captain level, but like many fellow players I was lacking the right amount of dilithium to buy the captain ship. This was mostly due to having to buy new BO's since the BO trainer is currently down, but no harm done there.

I figured, no problem, I'll just get some dilithium on the way to Rear admiral, so I kept flying in my loyal commander Raptor, till about Captain 8. I finally had gathered enough dilithium but I figured, what the heck, let's be crazy and finish leveling to RA, it's only 2 more levels anyway.

So that's what I did and I made it to RA1 a few minutes ago, now is where my problem starts... My dear old chap J'mpok apparently disagrees with my leveling policies and is now forcing me to buy the captain ship, before allowing me to become RA1.

With the economy behaving as broken as it currently it is basically comes down to being forced to buy a completely useless ship and spending the little amount of dilithium I gathered so far, which in turn forces me to farm even more dilithium before I can buy my RA ship. I'm likely going to be BG1 by the time I finally got enough dilithium, since there is too little dilithiuim currently going around to get it up quick enough.

My request is simple, can you please change the system in such a way that just talking to ship vendor is enough to finish the Captain mission? I believe that's how it used to work too. I'll keep the discount that way for whenever I decide to purchase the captain ship after all, but until then I can just keep going as a rear admiral instead.

I didn't intend to make this post come across as a whine post, but I am getting a bit frustrated with the limitiations that we currently have to deal with.

As general feedback: I don't know if f2p players are supposed to level up this quickly too, or if we're just leveling this quickly because we're granted exp bonusses so we can get to the highest level quicker, but I'd advice to add more dilithium based missions. Currently it is faster to grind 10 levels than it is to farm 4k dilithium for a new ship.

I have positive feedback too though, I'm a PvE player and my experiences to level through missions only was a lot better than when I leveled my Klingon during Q weekend through missions only. I really enjoy my time now since I don't have to grind/ replay the same missions over and over again. Instead I get to play far more diverse missions and that's a really positive change. I'm seriously considering to level up two more Klingons on holodeck once this patch goes live.

In short, it's not all bad, but the Klingon side does need some more work before it's f2p ready.
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10-10-2011, 03:33 PM
The klingon side needs some work?
Nah. Cryptic just doesn't want to spoil us.

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