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One thing if fallen a bit in love with on tribble is the way beaming out works at starfleet academy, where you can choose ok do i want to go to ESD, my ship or to sector space especially the last thing, normally when i leave ESD, K-7, DS9 etc. its for going straight to sector space and its kinda annoying having to sit through 2 load screens just to get to sector space therefor i like the academy beam out i can get straight back to where i want to go.
On another note could it be possible to get the docking interaction straight after zoning in to sol system ds9 etc. I like flying around (especially around ds9 flying around the pylons like in the series is somehow quite fun sometimes) but a lot of the time i just want go straight to where i want to go and not first go full impulse for 5 seconds and then i can dock.

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