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Originally Posted by Salami_Inferno
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

New Feature
  • The Dilithium Exchange
    • This exchange allows players to trade Cryptic Points for Dilithium with other players. The Dilithium Exchange can currently be accessed from the drop down menu on the lower right corner of the minimap. The currency exchange window has three tabs:
      • Sell Cryptic Points – From this tab you can sell your Cryptic Points for another player’s Dilithium. The interface for creating a sell offer is in the lower left corner of the window. There are three inputs: Quantity of Cryptic Points to sell, price per Cryptic Point in Dilithium, and total quantity of Dilithium you will receive when the order is fulfilled. For example, if you enter “10” for the number of Cryptic Points, and “200” for the unit price, the total you will receive will be 2000 Dilithium. When you create a Sell order the Cryptic Points are removed from your personal balance immediately and held in escrow by the Dilithium Exchange.
      • Buy Cryptic Points – From this tab you can buy Cryptic Points from other players using your Dilithium. The interface for entering a buy offer is the same as the one for entering sell offers. When you enter an offer to buy Cryptic Points, the Dilithium required to pay for those points will be deducted from your personal balance and held in escrow by the Dilithium Exchange.
      • History – This tab shows a detailed history of all of your activities on the Dilithium exchange, up to 250 entries are displayed.
    • A few other notes on the Dilithium Exchange:
      • The price for one Cryptic Point must be between 50 Dilithium and 500 Dilithium. This value is subject to change as we see how the market evolves.
      • The maximum quantity of Cryptic Points that can be bought or sold in a single order is 5000.
      • Each player can have a maximum of 5 offers open on the Dilithium Exchange. Your open offers are displayed in the upper right corner of the both the Buy and Sell tabs.
      • You may cancel an offer at any time, and the escrowed currency for that offer will be placed in your exchange balance, which is displayed along with your personal balance in the lower right corner of the window.
      • When your buy or sell offer is fulfilled (by being matched with an offer of the opposite type) the Dilithium or Cryptic Points you receive will be added to your Dilithium Exchange balance. You can use the Withdraw button to move the currency back to your personal balance so that it can be used in the C-Store or one of the in game Dilithium stores.
      • The Dilithium Exchange is account wide. The limit of 5 open offers is per account. The Dilithium in your exchange balance can be withdrawn by any of your characters. The History tab shows which character performed each action.

Even though they arent setting an exact exchange rate I am glad they are putting a cap on it.

Also, as someone else pointed out in that thread the fact that the exchange is account wide will mean you will hypothetically have a way to transfer refined dillithium between characters on your own account. You could put it up for sale on one character, then immediately cancel the sale and withdraw it on another one.

Anyway, what do you think of the details so far?
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11-02-2011, 12:56 PM
I like the way they have it set up. I doubt Ill be using the workaround to transfer dilithium though. Id rather try my hand with the system and buy low and wait to sell high. Time to let my inner Ferangi out!
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11-02-2011, 01:09 PM

In order to figure out how many CP you can buy per day spending no real dollars; Dilithium Refinement Cap divided by 500 assuming worst case pricing scenario for you as a CP buyer.

Dilithium cap divided by 50 for best case.

In the 500 dil to 1 CP case; 500*500 (the lowest number of CP you can buy) = 250,000
So if you spend $6.25 for 500 CP it will get you under 'best' case conditions 250k Dilithium.
'Worst case' 500*50 = 25,000 dilithium.

Just throwing that out there.

Anyone got a current tribble price of a VA endgame purple rarity weapon?
We can determine the range of real $ Cryptic is saying its worth, and by determining how much time it takes to grind dilithium for that weapon we can compare that value to the monthly sub fee and determine if its financially cheaper to sub and grind or to be silver and use CP to get Dilithium.

Also if escrowed dilithium is returned on cancel and can be accessed by any charachter they clearly intend to let us mail dilithium between chars, otherwise people would just make an offer and cancel it instantly to create a dil pool for all their chars.


I think it'd be nice if the devs gave us a 'market history' tab that shows the average prices being matched the most for the last day, week, and month.
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# 4
11-02-2011, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
Anyone got a current tribble price of a VA endgame purple rarity weapon?
Unless it was very recently changed 16k for a ship weapon and 7k for a ground one.

Edit: $5 for 1 weapon sounds bad
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11-02-2011, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by KitsuneRommel
Unless it was very recently changed 16k for a ship weapon and 7k for a ground one.

Edit: $5 for 1 weapon sounds bad
Ok, so somebody step in and correct me if I miss-carry something. I am not much of a maths wizard.

Assumptions in these Calculations;
  • 16,000 Di for Ship Weapon (Purple VA)
  • 7,000 Di for a Ground Weapon (]Purple VA)
  • Max CP-to-Di Rate; 500 Di per 1 CP
  • Min CP-to-Di Rate; 50 Di per 1 CP

So for anyone who wants, say, that purple VA level Phaser;

BEST Case (500 Di per 1 CP) your Phaser will cost 16,000/500 = 32 CP. 32 is .064 of 500. .064 of $6.25 = 0.4
40 Cents.

WORST Case; 50 is 1/10th of 500. So 10*0.40 = $4

A full Cruiser's worth of these is;
BEST CASE; 8 * 0.4 = $3.20
WORST CASE: 8*4 = $32

This is just weapons, not counting consoles and shield/engine/deflector which are likely more, meaning in worst case the equipment on a T5 excelsior could be worth far more in real $ than the ship itself, or in best case that a person with a few bucks to burn could net the ship and all its gear in one go for no grind or effort.

So much for fairness.
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# 6
11-02-2011, 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
So much for fairness.
Oops. Forgot that those are the CRAFTED gear prices. If you buy straight from the vendor it's going to cost even more.
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11-02-2011, 01:54 PM
i'd be interested what is a good price for both parties involved?

lets say i want one of these 1600 C-Point ships, how much dilithium would that require for me to grind?

min/max would be 80k / 800k so the minimum would be 10 full days of hitting the 8000 cap, the max would be 100 days of hitting the 8000 cap.

lets say i am willing to grind 30 days for that ship, that would be 240k dilitihum = 150 dil / cp

hmm... make the high cap 300 instead of 500 and we can talk
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11-02-2011, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post
I’m thinking that the only real way to benefit with the Dilithium to C-Point exchange is to look for the smallest amount of C-Points being offered for a reasonable price and go after those to build up your C-Points slowly over time.
This is it on the nose. I've thinking adding up slowly on a per day basis (the holidays are right around the corner after all )

Using Mr. Jonathan_Kent's 500 Dilithium = 1 CP as my base case here ie a formula.

the daily cap is 8,000 Dilithium so how much is the daily cap worth?

lets get our formula in a 1 to 1 ratio by dividing both sides by 500
1 Dilithium = 1/500 th of a CPoint
Multiply the new equation by the daily cap
8,000 * (1) = ( 1 / 500 ) * 8,000
is equal to
8,000 Dilithium = 16 CPoints (I did a maximum "money" to Dilithium as well using the $7 = 500 CPoints where selling 8,0000 Dilithium for 25 CPoints per day would yield the most "money" but to keep things on a 1:1 ratio this would be it)

And since everyone here is getting a nice "headstart" with Dilithium on ALL Characters, it would be quite easy to make CPoints.
Assuming 1 VA:
8,000 = 25 CPoints per day * 30 days = 750 CPoints per month (For Lifers add 400, = 1,150CPoints per month)

For people looking to get their hands on Dilithium for the smallest possible CPoint purchase, this will be their best bet. For $7 people get 500 CPoints, and for 25 CPoints they basically get 1 extra refinement daily cap in the hands. They would only be paying 5% of their 500CPoints for 1 Extra Refinement. IMO, as a future Dilithium buyer (thank you LTS) These are the sales I will be looking for as I can maximizes my monthly stipend.
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# 9 Let the Testing Begin
11-02-2011, 01:43 PM
It seems like it’s a pretty good system on paper, the only trick will be establishing a balanced exchange rate.

It will be very tough for Cryptic if it seems like there trying to control the amount of Dilithium that you can ask for in exchange for your C-Store points and vice versa.

I can’t even fathom what kind of exchange rates we’ll be seeing during the testing.

My view would be that 10 Dilithium would equal 1 C-Point should be a nice place to start but I know nothing about finance.
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11-02-2011, 01:51 PM

I just saw that you guys were already doing the math.

Weapons Cost 2300 Dilithium on Tribble right now.

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